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Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

Berlin is the capital city of Germany. With a population of 3.4 million people from over 190 nationalities Berlin is Germany’s biggest city, and the European Union’s second most populous city. The city is a major center of politics, media, culture, and science in Europe.

Many travelers to Berlin are fascinated with the resurrection of the city, especially with its infamous wall which was divided after World War 2, its dark period. There’s little left to be seen of the wall, and the city of Berlin is regaining its pre-war reputations as a center of culture and entertainment, the epitome of all that is great for the German culture.

A holiday in Berlin is for the travelers that enjoy fun and culture adventures. The city is known for the famous cabaret and opera concerts from its highest sort. It is recommended for travelers to keep there digital cameras ready for the many sightseeing’s including museums and memorials, spacious parks and fabulous shopping districts such as the Potsdamer Platz.

Travelers to Berlin need a valid passport and visa. American citizens will receive a 90 day visa upon arrival. To transport yourself within the city is easy, Berlin offers many different forms of transportation. There’s trains, trams, subway, bus and taxis. The best period to visit Berlin is the summer months from June till August when outdoor cafes, restaurants and events come alive.