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Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

The city of Odense is the third largest city in Demark, after Copenhagen and Århus. It’s the main city and “unofficial” capital of the island Funen and is seat of the Odense Municipality. The city is more than a thousand years old. As of latest measurement the city has a population of 160 thousand people.

Odense is one of the oldest cities throughout Denmark and therefore offers a lot of cultural sightseeing and history. One of the most famous sightseeing in Odense is the Odin Tower (Odinstårnet) which was constructed in the year 1935, and used to be the second tallest tower in Europe after the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. The tower was once blown up by a Danish Nazi group in the second world war and never got rebuilt, what’s left is a miniature model in the spacious park of Odinsparken where the original tower was situated.

Because a rich culture and history the city of Odense also offers several sightseeing interesting for family and couples like the Odense Zoo, Funen Village the Danish Railway Museum and the H.C Andersens House. Besides the fact that these are also, the top 4 most visited attractions by travelers. Downtown Odense has many narrow pedestrian streets with stores and shops, small pubs and cafes, local restaurants where you can feel, taste and enjoy the life of Denmark locals.

Travelers to Odense need a valid passport and visa. American Citizens will receive a 90 days visa upon arrival. Odense suggests travelers to use their public transportation network to get round which has perfect time schedules, routes and is reasonable priced. The best period to visit Odense is in the summer months from June till August with average temperatures of 68 degree Fahrenheit.