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Friday, December 26th, 2008

Copenhagen is the capital and largest city in Denmark and is located on the Islands of Zealand and Amager. Denmark is part of Northern Europe and one of its biggest countries. Copenhagen is quite a large city and therefore has a population of 1.7 million people.

The city of Copenhagen has a long history yet it has integrated successfully in today’s modern life. Nowadays the city is a multicultural center with worldwide nationals. There’s no doubt for any traveler whether the reason to visit is business or pleasure, that they won’t be charmed by the colorful atmosphere and friendly people Copenhagen has to offer.

As tourist for pleasure you wont be bored in Copenhagen, you could fill up your days being satisfied strolling up and down the 17th century streets and cancels visiting the cafes, tasting some delicious dishes in the Danish kitchen and hopping around shopping centers in the city. But of course there’s more fun things to do such as; theater shows, museums, art galleries, musicals and spacious parks!

Travelers to Copenhagen need a valid passport and visa. American Citizens will receive a 90 days visa upon arrival. Copenhagen suggests travelers to use their public transportation network to get round which has perfect time schedules, routes and is reasonable priced. The best period to visit Copenhagen is in the summer months from June till August with average temperatures of 68 degree Fahrenheit.