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Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Nicosia is Cyprus’ capital and largest city. Locally, it is better known as Lefkosia. Though housing the seat of government and located right at the center of the island, Nicosia still keeps intact ages-old history in its crumbling but charming mansions and religious houses, such as mosques and churches. It is showing its true roots. Nicosia, after all, dates back 5000 years though it enjoys its capital city status since the 10th century. It is home to only about 300 thousand people according to the latest measurement. The population already includes people in the suburbs.

With several museums to catch your attention and take hold of your time, Nicosia is a history lover’s paradise. You do not even need to visit the museum to feel history because just walking through its labyrinthine streets is enough. However, modernization is not really too far away. There is something for the ultra-hip. You can also sample Nicosia’s dishes while enjoying the company of locals at taverns that showcase the dancing and musical talents of local families.

Visit Nicosia or tour Cyprus as a whole by taking a flight stopping at Larnaka airport in the south. Take note that Nicosia International Airport has not been in used since the 1970s. Having the particular airport as a destination is truly suspicious, indeed. You can get around the city mostly by bus. You can also rent or bring along a motorcycle or car if you want to drive yourself around. Do not worry, though: there are plenty of taxis to hail in Nicosia in case you want to be a bit more comfortable. You won’t get around by train or metro, however; the government has no plans to build and implement the transportation means. Nicosia has a generally mild climate that makes for great visiting all year round.

If you are from the United States, rest assured that you will not need an entry visa to Cyprus. However, if you are planning to stay for longer than three months, you have to apply for a long-stay visa. People under this category include those who plan to work, live or study in the country.