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Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Daegu (대구, 大邱) locally also known as Taegu is the 3rd largest in South Korea, after Seoul and Busan. It’s official name is Daegu Metropolitan City, and is the capital and principal city of Gyeongsangbuk-do or simply Gyeongbuk, the surrounding province of the city, although it’s not legally part of the province. As of latest measurement the city of Daegu has a population of 2.5 million people.

Traveling to Deagu is rather easy, especially as it has its own airport named Daegu Airport (TAE/RKTN) which has daily flights coming from Seoul, China, Philippines and Bangkok. Once arrived in the downtown area you can get around using car, taxi or bus. Please note that Daegu is a very big city so it’s easy to get lost, keep a hotel card and phone number always with you. The city is split up in several areas for shopping, nightlife, markets and history. Daegu city is situated in a valley and experiences some of the hottest summers, and mildest winters, of mainland Korea.

Deagu city’s most popular sightseeing destination is Mount Palgong situated just outside the city. The mountain offers stunning views of the countryside and the city itself. It’s also home to various Buddhist temples. Tourists can find several restaurants, coffee shops and jimjilbang sauna’s throughout the region. The attractions are accessible through day trips and offered in any travel agent through the city.

American citizens just need a valid passport for a trip to Daegu which allows them to stay for maximum of 30 days. There after a visa is required. Other nationalities may require a visa when visiting Seoul. Spring, from April till June is the best time period for traveling to Daegu.