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Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Friedrich-Wilhelmshafen or simply Madang as it’s called nowadays is the capital of the Madang Province on the north coast of Papua New Guinea. As it’s previous name revealed the town was first settled by Germans in the 19th century. As of latest measurement the town of Madang has a population of 28 thousand people.

The city of Madang and it’s surrounding area is filled with lagoons, tiny islands and endless coconut plantations which make it a perfect example of an Pacific outlook. The town is described by locals as well tourists as one of the nicest places to be in the Pacific. Of course, these statements can be found while wondering around in the beautiful waterways, parks, ponds or while snorkeling / scuba diving in the ocean. The nearby (active) volcanic islands are a popular sightseeing as well. Besides the fact that Madang is famous for its accommodation facilities in Papua New Guinea.

Madang is popular for it’s sightseeing around the islands, scuba diving and snorkeling but also in and around town there’s much to see. Some travelers enjoy heading to the beach and take a long walk on the shores of Madag while some prefer shopping at the busy local market. Wondering around the city can be considered sightseeing itself. There’s no landmarks or “tourist highlights” which make this town so unique, it’s a simple, laid-back and tropical town where you can enjoy the tropical heat while on the beach, in town or on water.

When visiting Papua New Guinea, you need a passport valid for at least six months, a return ticket and a visa. If you are a tourist, you can get a visa that will allow you to stay for 60 days. If you are there for business, you will be given 12 months. Still, you will have 60 days maximum per stay.