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Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Karachi (کراچی) is the capital of the Sindh province, as well the financial capital and largest city of Pakistan. The city is located on the coast of the Arabian Sea, and is under going continues growth of mixed culture and population, as well economic and political migrants who generally settle permanently. As of latest measurement the metropolitan Karachi has a population of 11.8 million people.

The city of Karachi is locally know as the “City of Lights”, “City of The Quaid” and the “City that Never Sleeps” which grew from a small town to a buzzing megalopolis within several hundred years. The residents are referred to as “Karachiites”. Before visiting you should understand that Karachi is different than elsewhere in Pakistan, just like New York is different from the rest of America. It’s a big city where time is money, hurry and stress are factors of impact in daily life. These factors are noticeable while taking a stroll in downtown Karachi. Karachi’s culture can be best characterized as a substantial mix of the Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia and Western influences.

Although Karachi is a big, commercial and industrial city there’s several sightseeing’s and things to do for tourists including Clifton Beach, Beach Park, Bagh-e-Ibn-e-Qasim, Water Jet fountain, Floating Ship, Sandspit Beach, Hawke’s Bay Beach, Paradise Point, French Beach, Russian Beach and several islands nearby such as Oyster Rocks, Bundle Islands, Manora Island and Churna Island. As well the fact that the city has an active nightlife with dance clubs and bars, shopping areas with bazaars and markets and a fine restaurant scenery.

To visit Karachi, you need a temporary entry visa, a tourist visa, or a business visa to Pakistan. You also need a valid passport to stay in the country. You may extend your stay in Pakistan if you have a business visa. To get a business visa, however, you need an invitation from your host in Pakistan. You will also be asked to submit a business letter of responsibility. Whatever type of visa you apply for, make sure to completely fill up the corresponding application forms.