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Friday, March 13th, 2009

If you think of Nepal, images of spirituality and cloud-covered mountains may arise. Temples and even the mountains may still serve as backdrop in its capital city of Kathmandu, but the capital has a character all its own. Kathmandu is more of a snapshot of a developing country, complete with the chaos and pollution. It is found northwest of Kathmandu Valley. Being in the midst of Nepal’s largest city can be very overwhelming to the senses; there are many things going on around. According to the latest measurement, there are 675thousand living in and contributing to the activities of bustling Kathmandu.

Unfortunately, tourist numbers have declined lately. Those who do come to Nepal’s capital city are no longer just interested in finding enlightenment. The place can already offer modern entertainment and Western dishes. When you do get there, however, remember that you are there to see Kathmandu not another familiar corner you can find near your own home. Remember that it is hailed as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Explore its unique cultural spots and natural wonders. Still, look out for your things. Though violence is rare in Kathmandu, you are still in danger from pickpockets.

You can reach Kathmandu through a stop at the Tribhuvan International Airport. It is actually Nepal’s only international airport. From the United States, you have to stop at one of the nearby Asian cities to get connected to Kathmandu. In the city, you can get around fast by bus or taxi. However, you may also enjoy getting around the city on foot. You may have to wear a sweatshirt if walking around during winter; the temperature can dip as low as 36 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer temperatures, on the other hand, range from 66 degrees Fahrenheit to 81 degrees Fahrenheit. On average, Kathmandu experiences mild temperature.

To get into Nepal, you will need both a valid passport and a visa. Multiple-entry tourist visas can allow you up to 90 days of stay in the country. Visas are, however, generally valid up to 60 days that is if you are on your first visit for the year. A second visit within the same year can only last up to 30 days.