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Red Light Discotheque

Monday, March 29th, 2010

The Red Light Discotheque is located nearby Whitehouse (lady bar) within the Colaba district. From Leopold or Voodoo it shouldn’t be more than 20 rupees at night time. There’s no sign that says “Red Light Discotheque” there’s just a red light! downstairs at the entrance. The entrance fee on weekdays is 1000 of which you can spend 800 in drinks (200 cover charge) and 1500 in the weekends of which you can spend 1000 in drinks (500 cover charge). Once you paid the cover charge, continue upstairs as the bar is on the first floor (right hand side) During the week days it closes 1:30 and in the weekend it closes 3:00AM. Be careful what you wish for, there’s NO re-entry! The beer price is 200 rupees, King Fisher only.

Main crowd is Indian, foreigners are allowed and present. The DJ booth is located on on your right hand side next to the entrance/exit. The bar has a long stretch, good air-conditioning and a large bar on the left side where you can order drinks. The bar is black and red, has several red bull signs and a glowing cocktail menu. In the back side of the bar is the VIP/Reserved area where all the upper class Indians go. There’s no entree for regular customers, and opposite sex couples are not a requirement. The area is divided with private booths, and most of the VIP guests keep ordering bottles of liqueur and food to entertain themselves. It’s quite difficult ordering a drink sometimes for regular customers during the weekends, you have to adjust to Indian style to get a drink; push, scream and try to get ahead of your turn.

When big cricket games are being played they will show it on a large projector screen keeping the entire disco from dancing just staring blind at the screen while drinking beer and whiskey. As it gets later, the Indian crowd, especially males start getting drunk and dancing rather wild on any particular song. Where westerns would just continue dancing regular, the Indians start jumping, pushing and hugging each other.

The toilets are located on the first floor, as you exit the discotheque area go straight than left. The toilets are made with glass walls & mirrors, I suggest you first take a look at the toilets before stumbling in wasted. Inside the discotheque smoking is an offense, the smoking area is on the first floor directly straight after you exit the disco/dance area.

Opening Hours Mon- Sun 7 pm – 1:30 am (Fri-Sat 7 pm : 3 am)

Red Light Disco & Dance Club
145, Mg Road, Above Khyber Restaurant
Near Rhythm House, Whitehouse, Kalaghoda, Fort, Mumbai
Mumbai, India
(+91) 22 66346246