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Friday, November 6th, 2009

The island and city of Macau (澳門) also known as Macoa is a Special Administrative Region of China. In total there’s two SAR regions in China, with the second being Hong Kong. Macau is situated on the west side of the Pearl River Delta bordering the Guangdong province in the north, facing the South China Sea in east and south. The city of Macau is driven mainly on tourist industry, but also includes exporting textiles, electronics and toys.

As the city of Macau is located in China but has their own responsibility towards their territory, it can make their own laws and legal system, police force and immigration policy. Allowing the city to turn in any possible direction they are willing go for, giving gambling, prostitution, nightlife and foreign investors a chance to play open card. Some already say it’s the Las Vegas of the Orient.

The reasoning that people call it Las Vegas of Asia is because all the main hotels located on the strip of Vegas are situated in the center of Macau including the Wynn, Venetian, MGM Grand and the Sands mixed in between buzzing night and sex clubs and other gigantic Casino’s which are 24 hours in business. You might wonder yourself, why not just go to Vegas? The answer lies in the history and culture of the Chinese city.

Macau today is still as mysterious as it once was, streets are filled up fortune tellers, Buddhist monks, tea houses and traditional massage parlors. It’s sightseeing includes breathtaking ruins, churches, museums and acient markets. A famous and oldest temple in town is the Á Ma Temple founded in 1488. World class museums like the Museum of Macau, Maritime Museum Grand Prix Museum and Macau Museum of Art are often visited by curious tourists and can break the day nicely. For a visit to the Ruins of St. Paul’s and St. Dominic Church make sure to bring along your camera.

Travelers to Macau need a valid passport and visa. While the city is relatively safe, the common travel concerns include presence of pickpockets and thieves. The best period to visit Macau is between May and September when there’s the best temperature. On average it does rain more in these months than in periods throughout the year.