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Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Bulawayo, also known as “City of Kings” or “Skies” is the second largest city in Zimbabwe, directly after its capital Harare. It’s situated in the province of Bulawayo, 270 miles south-west of Harare. Bulawayo has the reputation for being the business capital of Zimbabwe because of its strategic position close by Botswana and South Africa. As of latest measurement Bulawayo has a population of 890 thousand people.

The city of Bulawayo is a relaxed and elegant city with three lined boulevards and decent sized city center, most travelers agree it’s worth a day or two exploring its shopping facilities like the Bulawayo Centre which has modern and chic clothing stores, internet cafe and cinema and restaurant scenery with fantastic restaurants such as New Orleans Restaurant and Haefelli’s Bakery. Not to mention a handful of interesting museums and cultural sights like the Amakhosi Theatre Company, National Art Gallery, Bulawayo and the Natural History Museum.

As earlier mentioned, a day or two is enough to explore city center. Yet, around the city of Bulawayo there’s many sightseeing left to be seen. Just outside the city are the Matobo National Park which is also known as Matopos and the Khami ruins. Both of these sightseeing require a day trip at minimum. Other popular sightseeing destinations nearby Bulawayo include Hwange National Park and Victoria Falls.

Nationals worldwide require a valid passport and visa to enter Zimbabwe from Harare International Airport. Travelers are advised to look after their belongings and don’t walk alone at night time, petty crime and theft are part of Bulawayo’s daily activities against tourists and locals due to poverty.