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Selous Game Reserve

For the adventurous soul, a trip to Tanzania’s Selous Game Reserve is a must. There are adventures for the eyes and even for the whole body. This is because you get to enjoy the sight of wild animals and the lush, calming green vegetation. You also have the benefit of experiencing boating, walking and camping. In fact, Selous offers the only African safari that can be done on foot. A photographer’s dream, Selous is about 21 thousand square miles of preserved wildlife, making it one of the largest wild animal reserves.

Selous is home to large numbers of animals. This means that you may feel terrible if in case you have forgotten your camera. You can only recount the experience to your friends and family back home as best as you can. Being a Tanzanian tourist takes on a different level in the Selous Game Reserve. Here, you are an awestruck observer of overwhelming natural sights and sounds. If you are not satisfied with just the safari, you can stay in any of the lodges in the area. You may want to make your stay luxurious or next to all-natural.

You do not have to worry much about how to get to Tanzania. It is served in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The country’s two major airports are Kilimanjaro International Airport and Julius Nyerere International Airport. From the airport, you can travel to Selous by bus or by shared taxi. You can also get more comfortable by renting out a motorcycle or a car. Hitching is also very popular in Tanzania. However, it is prohibited in the wildlife reserve. Expect warm days and cool nights in Tanzania. Avoid visiting the Selous Game Reserve from March to May because the park’s trails may be difficult to pass through because of heavy rains.

It is best to check the official website of Tanzania’s embassy in the United States for the latest information. As of early 2010, you will most likely be given a multiple entry passport costing about 100 US dollars.