San José

Costa Rica’s capital is also its largest city. But unlike the modern capitals of other countries, San José can be very village-like in feel. It is found on a 1500 meter-high plateau in Central Valley. Although Costa Rica has made its mark as one of Latin America’s oldest democracies, it has one of the youngest capitals in the region. Take note though that San José is heading toward modernism. According to the latest measurements, it is home to 350 thousand people.

San José is not the most modern representative of today’s Latin American city, but every Costa Rican has to go there if he or she wants to be right where the seat of government is. If you are a visitor, being in San José will give you the best idea of what life is really like in Costa Rica. This is what makes the city a capital in the truest sense. In San José, you can also enjoy an active nightlife, though you have to be careful about the distinctions of fun offered. Some night thrills are recommended to those looking for something classy, while the rest can be debauched fun. Be warned against petty criminals as well.

Getting around San Jose is a breeze because the city is the main transportation hub of the country. Walking is the best way to discover downtown San Jose, as most establishments are all within walking distance. Driving a rental can be problematic as the city does not have any street signs whatsoever, something that has not fazed Costa Ricans one bit. You can visit San Jose anytime of the year because the country is blessed with warm weather all year round. Taxis are also available although you should make sure that your taxi uses a meter. Tourism usually peaks during the dry season, which starts from December to April. It is recommend to plan your vacations at least a few months ahead if you want to visit during the dry season.

If you plan to visit Costa Rica, you will be happy to know that you do not need a visa to enter and stay for up to 90 days. However, you need a passport, which is valid for up to at least 30 days upon entry. You should also present important travel documents, such as proof of financial capability and return ticket.

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