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Cafe de Witte Aap

Cafe de Witte Aap is situated in Rotterdam city, the Netherlands in the Witte de Withstraat 78 on a corner location nearby several coffee shops, restaurants and other nightlife lounges and cafes. Though it’s a bit small de Witte Aap does a good job keeping balance between bar and drinking area. Dancing isn’t one of the possibilities, especially on Friday or Saturday nights. To enlarge the drinking/standing/dancing area, the crew starts removing chairs around 8:30 PM.

Upon entrance you find yourself in a nice yet loud ambiance, keeping it’s balance with a relaxed background music. The lounge couches in the back, and a broken mirror make the place seem more spacious than it actually is. The lights are a plus also, there’s no disco lighting yet a very clear, bright constant light which doesn’t shine or hurt the eyes. The bar curves nicely around the drinking area and has a good display of its liqueur selection although as of January 2010 no prices or menus could be located. The price for one glass of beer is €2,40. They seem to have plenty of crew walking around, customers get their drinks in efficiency and the bar seems very clean.

Cafe de Witte Aap comes with several free facilities which can be used by customers, first of all it has Free WIFI to connect your blackberry or iPhone, there’s a ATM machine downstairs opposite of the toilets, of which are two total. On the left side of the bar you can hang your coat or jacket yet there’s no security overseeing them. Cafe de Witte Aap can be visited at the following address and is open from 13.00 till 05.00, 7 days a week.

De Witte Aap
Witte de Withstraat 78
3012 BE Rotterdam
010 – 4149565


Cafe de Witte Aap, Rotterdam logo buitenCafe de Witte Aap, Rotterdam barCafe de Witte Aap, Rottedam ATM machine

These pictures date Friday 23th of January 2010 Cafe de Witte Aap, Rotterdam.