Sharjah (الشارقة) is one of the seven emirates comprising the United Arab Emirates, of which Dubai is the most popular one. The emirate of Sharjah comprises the city of Sharjah and other minor towns and enclaves like Kalba, Dibba Al-Hisn and Khor Fakkan. As of latest measurement Sharjah has a population of 890 thousand people.

The city of Sharjah has interesting contrast of modern and history, exploring the city will show old and gigantic mosques next to modern shopping malls and office buildings rising sky high. Also is the city filled with spacious parks. It’s history also shows in several museums, for example it houses the biggest Art museum in the Gulf. Sharjah has been growing as a travel destination, because of tourism, new hotels, clubs, restaurants were built creating jobs in the city.

Other interesting Sharjah sightseeing includes the old market areas, where you can buy souvenirs, local snacks, carpets but also living animals. Sharjah has a good nightlife scenery, from fancy restaurants to clubs. Although the city comes with certain restrictions, due to religious reasons there’s no alcohol served anywhere in the city. If you fancy a drink, travel to Dubai which is a 30 minute car drive away.

Travelers to Sharjah need a valid passport and visa. American citizens need only a valid passport, other nationalities may require to get a valid visa. The city is generally safe for travelers, although Americans are advised to be aware of their surroundings. In Middle Eastern countries threats to US citizens are of concern.


Birmingham is a city and metropolitan situated in the West Midlands county of England. It is situated in the heart of England, about halfway between London and Liverpool. Birmingham is one the most populous British cities aside of London with, as of latest measurement Birmingham has a population of 1 million people.

The city of Birmingham has mixed cultures, beliefs and lifestyles and is as of lately becoming a fashionable place to hold business conferences. Yet it still retains pride of it’s strong industrial side. The lively downtown and city center areas you can find several historic buildings such as the Town Hall and the Council house, but also of course good shopping areas, restaurant scenery and several theaters, bars and pubs. Cultural Birmingham is rich and filled with several good museums and art galleries for instance the Birmingham Museum and the Ikon Gallery.

Recently, Birmingham has become known for the “Spaghetti Junction” which is an infamously complex motorway system going through the city. Further more the entire city has been under renovation including the Victoria Square, City Hall and several new pedestrian areas where canals have been becoming an important feature in Birmingham’s industrial and urban reputation. To narrow it down, as most travelers would agree the city of Birmingham is a great starting place to explore the sightseeing’s in and around the Heart of England.

Travelers to Birmingham need a valid passport and visa. American citizens will receive a 180 days visa upon arrival after filling in a form. Unlike other countries within the European Union Birmingham does not have the Euro as its currency but the Pound. The best period to visit Birmingham is the summer months between July and August.

Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento is a city in the south west of Uruguay, situated nearby the Río de la Plata, facing Buenos Aires, Argentina. It’s the oldest town in Uruguay and capital of the departamento of Colonia. The historic city center is listed on the World Heritage Site. As of latest measurement Colonia del Sacramento has a population of 25 thousand people.

The city was originally found in 1960 by Portugal as Colónia do Sacramento, who built the city on the opposite banks of the Buenos Aires river. Further more Colonia del Sacramento was conquered by Spain, Brazil. Today, the locals refer to the city as Colonia. The old city of Colonia, which holds the main sightseeing is quite small and can be easily explored on foot. Be careful walking around downtown as the cobbled streets don’t always come in good conditions. There’s several shops to rent scooters or bicycles which can be used to explore the country side as well.

Because many different rulers were present Colonia has a rich cultural and history sightseeing, with as its main attraction the historic city center of Colonia. Here you can find a handful of museums which can be visited with just once entrance tickets. For a small fee you can overlook the city and river on top of the Faro lighthouse. Just outside the city you can find a abandoned amusement park with Uruguay’s only bullfighting ring. Further more it’s recommended to buy several souvenirs at the local market and eat a Uruguay cuisine barbecue specialty Asodo.

To travel to New Caledonia, Colonia tourists need to have passports that are valid until at least six months after their visit. Those who plan on visiting the islands for a duration of 30 days or less are not required to have a visa, but a permit must be obtained for longer stays.


Samarkand (Самарқанд), also known as Samarqand is the second largest city in Uzbekistan and the capital of Samarqand Province. The city is favorable for its position on the Silk Road between China and the West, and for being an Islamic study center. The city center is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. As of latest measurement Samarkand has a population of 600 thousand people.

The city of Samarkand was settled about 2000 BC, in old times the city was known by various including Afrosiab and Maracanda. Since 1925 it’s officially capital of the Uzbekistan Samarqand Province which is nowadays the most popular travel destination of modern Uzbekistan. Most of the locals would say “a must see for travelers to Uzbekistan”, and travelers whom been there agree. Samarkand is an easy reach by plane, train or car from Tashkent, the country’s capital city. Once arrived in the city make an opportunity eating it’s most famous product “Samarkand Non” bread at one popular restaurants such as Cafe Nur and Regal Palace Restaurant.

The city center of Samarkand can easily be explored on foot, as there’s a lot to see make sure to bring your camera along. Samarkand is filled with modern, cultural and historical sightseeing including tombs, temples, mosques, museums and many more; Afrosiyob Remains, Registan, Gur-Emir, Shakh-i-Zinda, Bibi-Khonum, Khazrat-Khizr, Tomb of Prophet Daniel, Ulugbek’s Observatory, The Mausoleum of Al Buxori Al Bukhari and Abu Mansoor Al Matrudi Mausoleum.

If you are to visit Uzbekistan from the United States, you will need a valid passport and a business or tourist visa. When applying for visa, you must bring along proof of your hotel reservations and proof purpose of visit.


Bulawayo, also known as “City of Kings” or “Skies” is the second largest city in Zimbabwe, directly after its capital Harare. It’s situated in the province of Bulawayo, 270 miles south-west of Harare. Bulawayo has the reputation for being the business capital of Zimbabwe because of its strategic position close by Botswana and South Africa. As of latest measurement Bulawayo has a population of 890 thousand people.

The city of Bulawayo is a relaxed and elegant city with three lined boulevards and decent sized city center, most travelers agree it’s worth a day or two exploring its shopping facilities like the Bulawayo Centre which has modern and chic clothing stores, internet cafe and cinema and restaurant scenery with fantastic restaurants such as New Orleans Restaurant and Haefelli’s Bakery. Not to mention a handful of interesting museums and cultural sights like the Amakhosi Theatre Company, National Art Gallery, Bulawayo and the Natural History Museum.

As earlier mentioned, a day or two is enough to explore city center. Yet, around the city of Bulawayo there’s many sightseeing left to be seen. Just outside the city are the Matobo National Park which is also known as Matopos and the Khami ruins. Both of these sightseeing require a day trip at minimum. Other popular sightseeing destinations nearby Bulawayo include Hwange National Park and Victoria Falls.

Nationals worldwide require a valid passport and visa to enter Zimbabwe from Harare International Airport. Travelers are advised to look after their belongings and don’t walk alone at night time, petty crime and theft are part of Bulawayo’s daily activities against tourists and locals due to poverty.

Hualien City

Hualien City (花蓮市) is the capital of the Hualien Country, Taiwan. It’s situated between the Pacific Ocean and the Central Mountain Range. Hualien City is considered a popular and pleasant travel destination in Taiwan. As of latest measurement Hualien City has a population of 110 thousand people.

Hualien is an easy reach by train and plane from Taipei, especially with it’s own Hualien Airport. Here domestic airlines connect Hualien with all major Taiwanese cities. The city center is small and easy to explore on foot, although some travelers may prefer to rent scooters for about NT$400 ($12 us) a day. Further more does Hualien not have an extensive public transport system, so for trips outside city center it’s recommended making use of the taxi service. Some local Hualien sightseeing include the Chishingtarn Coast Scenic Area, North Shore Park (Bei Bin Park), Hualien Fish Market, Museum of Sculpture, Mei Lun Mountain Park and of course the Tzu Chiang Night Market.

Thousands of travelers each year visit this popular Taiwanese travel destination in order to enjoy the views, scenery and fresh air as well the opportunity to visit the famous Taroko Gorge which is located just a few miles north of the city. For more information please visit the Visitor Information Center for the Hualien area which is located in front of Hualien Station on the right hand side after entrance.

Regulations for visas to Taiwan, Hualien change frequently so it is best to consult Taiwanese embassies for the latest updates. For Americans, no visa is required for stays of up to thirty days. You must present proof that you are planning return or further travel. Your passport must be valid for at least six months.

Hsinchu City

Hsinchu City (新竹市) also known as “The Windy City” is a city in the north of Taiwan, which is bordered by Hsinchu Country in the north, Miaoli Country in the south and Taiwan Strait to the west. The city is spread over 3 districts including Xiangshan District, North and East District. As of latest measurement Hsinchu City has a population of 420 thousand people.

With a known history of almost 400 years, Hsinchu is the oldest city in the north of Taiwan. Originally it was inhabited by the tribe Taokas who named the city Chuchang, the present name Hsinchu has been effected since the late 19th century. Nowadays the city is base for high technology industry, it houses over 350 high tech companies like Philips and TSMC, yet it’s also a cultural and historical travel destination with much sightseeing and additional attractions.

Getting around the city is easy, walking or public bus are the most common options together with taxi’s. The bus brings you pretty much within walking distance of any major sightseeing. Travel around and experience the following sightseeing’s; Eighteen Peaks Mountain, Hsinchu Botanical Garden, Green Grass Lake, Hsinchu Zoo, East Gate and the City God Temple. After a long day of traveling, seeing and experiencing Hsinchu City sit down in one of the many local restaurants serving Taiwanese specialty such as Hsinchu Style Ba wan, rice noodles and pork meatballs.

Regulations for visas to Taiwan can change frequently so it is best to consult Taiwanese embassies for the latest updates. For Americans, no visa is required for stays of up to thirty days. You must present proof that you are planning return or further travel. Your passport must be valid for at least six months.

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