Vina del Mar

Viña del Mar, a main beach resort that’s located nearby the capital city of Santiago, Chile. Locals often refer it as La Ciudad Jardín which is Spanish for “The Garden City” as it has many beautiful gardens in the areas. Vina del Mar resembles an English south coast retirement town with a tiny bit more of sunshine. As of latest count the city has 290 thousand people and is ranked Chile’s fourth largest city.

Vina del Mar is a couple of key attractions which include the yearly music festival Internacional de la Canción de Viña del Mar, Spanish for “Viña del Mar International Song Festival” which is hosted in Quinta Vergara Amphitheater every third week of February lasting five days. Another popular attraction is the yearly hosted ATP Clay Court Tennis (Movistar open) tournament which promise some exciting matches on the grind. The casino is another good night spot, and one of the most renown gambling places you come across on the southern coast of the Pacific Ocean along with a couple of other small pubs and bars in town.

While in Vila del Mar don’t forget to take a city tour on the “Victorias” which are traditional horse driven carts taking you through the main streets and sights of the city. One more specialty of Vina del Mar includes the New Year Fireworks, it’s highly recommended to rent one of the many condominiums along the coast line for a unforgettable and breathtaking sight to make your new year’s toast at.

If you’re seeking a beach holiday in Vina del Mar you might want to reconsider, the water is freezing cold, in both the summer and winter season. When looking for warm and cozy Caribbean waters, head north.

Travelers to Vina del Mar are required to have a valid passport and visa, a return ticket must be presented to the immigration officer. By South American standards Vina del Mar is a safe city, but travelers should be aware of petty crimes such as pickpocketing.


The Euromast is a 610 feet tall “Space Tower” in the city of Rotterdam, designed by Hugh Maaskant between 1958 and 1960. The Euromast is a concrete building with an internal diameter of 30 ft, for stability reasons it has been built on a concrete block of gravity worth 4,2 million LB established underground. In the 70’s the Euromast lost its position as the tallest tower of Rotterdam which is why they decided to add an additional 279 feet. The Euromast is member of the World Federation of Great Towers.

Euromast is the height pride of Rotterdam, it’s visible from almost any point of the city. Besides the many tourists it attracts, locals are also delighted to visit as well. Who doesn’t want to eat at a height of 328 feet with a spectacular view on one of Europe’s largest harbors, the city of Rotterdam and the maas river bridges including Willemsbrug and Erasmusbrug.

Besides dining and breath taking views, there’s more things to do. For those who seek thrills, how about abseiling, Euroscoop or rope sliding right from the top of the space tower. Sometimes parties are being held in the Euromast, also you can go and rent the Euromast location for your own private party. But the main attraction today, is the hotel on top of the Euromast. Feel like you’re playing the leading roll in your own Hollywood movie, both the Heaven & Star room come with a bottle of champagne and a breakfast serviced at bed, and the biggest and highest balcony in Rotterdam is all yours, and yours only.

Because Euromast is one of the main tourist attraction in Rotterdam city you must purchase a ticket upon arrival, the ticket will cost €8.70 (about $13 US) per person. This will give access to go to up and enjoy the Euromast facilities.

Happy Gift

In the narrow streets of Bangkok, Chinatown right across the corner of Wanit 1 Road shines a bright pink light in the darkness. Happy Gift. While some may say it’s location is hidden or not findable, surely no one especially tourist and Thai teens can resists having a peak in this odd placed 5 floors department store filled with just about anything that’s considered cute.

Shopping at Happy Gift is truly a kids and adults fantasy, if you are looking for something specific may that be mouse pads, clothing, jewelry, pillows or chocolate paper clips from Hello Kitty to Disneyland. You will find it all, if you can’t find, get lost or in need of any help or information inquire one of the at least 50 employees they have throughout the store. At the 1th floor next to the cashier there’s an information counter where you can contact Mr. Wassamol Naktham the area manager.

The brilliance of this store and they way to display their merchandise, also due to the fact it has five floors makes you feel guilty not buying anything from the store which is like most shops in Chinatown opened from 9 AM in the morning till 6 PM evening.

The exact address and contact details you can find below.

Happy Gift, IT Works CO LTD.
303 Wanit 1 Road.
Chakkawat Samphanthawong
Bangkok 10100

T: 02-2226-0299
C: 08-9110-8778

Vila do Maio

Vila do Maio is the primary city in the southern western part of Maio, an island located just 25 miles from Cape Verde’s main island Santiago and capital city Praia. The city has its own seaport and airport. Locals often refer Vila do Maio by its old name “Porto Inglês” which is Portuguese for “English port”.

When traveling to Vila do Maio you choose to travel by boat or airplane. There are several flights per week available from Praia, the capital city. The most used and trusted airline by locals is TACV Cabo Verde Airlines. If you are looking for landscape and pretty sights the north is most appealing, made up of forest while the rest of the island desert and dry land dominates. From any point of the island the eye catches the view of the Monte Batalha mountains. Not to mention the beautiful Cape Verdian sea that faces the beach side of Vila do Maio.

When you are looking for time to spend in Vila do Maio you better be in good shape, outdoor attractions include hiking and climbing. Another well-accepted outdoor activity is hitchhiking, even most locals will hitching and walking when possible. Vila do Maio does have public transport with buses available. When you are looking for fine dining experiences this is not the place to be, there’s only two main restaurants which both offer Italian food, both are located right on the main street of Vila do Maio. The biggest and most popular restaurant is called Trattoria del Qwerty. On the island there’s one internet cafe just ahead of the Italian restaurant.

If you are looking for a place to stay in Vila do Maio, apartments and villa’s are the standard. If you cannot afford such luxury there’s many guest houses available you can rent on the spot. The crime rates are very low, not just in Vila do Maio but across the whole island of Maio.

To visit Cape Verde, you need a passport valid for at least six months upon arrival. Present your return ticket or any other legit proof for leaving the country before your visa expires to the immigration officer. This may be a ticket to your home destination or any other location worldwide. You need to have a visa to enter the country, contact the local Cape Verde embassy.


Rangamati (রাঙ্গামাটি) is a popular travel destination in Bangladesh also known as “Lake City”, the best way to travel to Rangamati is taking the car or bus from Chittagong, the ride has the length of about 48 miles across grass fields and high hills. Once arrived, you have entered a favorite holiday resort of the Bangladesh. The city is also famous for it’s hanging bridges over the river side.

The beautiful landscape fill the eye view of Rangamati, as you can imagine there’s one main lake where you can go hiking and bathing enjoy nature at its finest, of course its recommended to spend an afternoon picnicking at the lake other than visiting any of the restaurants downtown. In this area of Rangamati certain tribes still make their day to day living, prime examples include the Chakma and Marma which make their living of homespun textile products and ivory jewelery made by the women while the tribal men are fishing for tonight’s dinner.

As traveler visiting Rangamati there’s several options you can choose for, we recommend, if you have the time to try most of them! The most popular tourist attraction is Tribal life, where you can join the tribes in a night or multiple day journey, living the life they have. If you choose to do so, please be reminded that it’s their culture and history. It’s advised to join them in their day to life, and show them respect for their habits. Other popular attractions include speed boat cruising, hiking, bathing and enjoying the beauty of Rangamati’s nature.

United States citizens do not need a visa, you will receive a three months visa upon arrival after showing your valid passport and return ticket at immigration. In case you would need a visa for your country there’s visa on arrival offices available throughout the Dhaka International Airport for 30-day up to 90-days stay.


On a less than 2 hour flight from Bogotá, the capital of Colombia lies the most popular tourist resort town Cartagena facing the Caribbean Sea, unlike most beach resort towns it has a rather large population of about 1 million inhabitants. It’s the fifth largest urban area in Colombia. Today its the city center of economic activity in the Carribean region, the city is divided into two parts, Ciadad Antiqua (Old city) and Ciudad Nueva (New city).

Whether it’s the Caribbean Sea, the heat or the perfect location on the northern coast of Colombia. Cartagena is the most visited city by tourists in Colombia. The city gets crowded during December holidays and the holy week when Colombian locals take their holiday. The most popular part of the city is called “ciudad amurallada” which means “walled colonial city” which has an amazing nightlife with clubs and restaurants for fine dining. A whole strip of hotels and resorts known as Bocagrande make the scene complete.

If you wish to make a little side trip, have a look at the Castillogrande, an exclusive neighborhood with fancy condominiums, spacious parks to have a picnic or jog and a quiet beach to spend some quality time with the sun as your best friend.

From almost any of the narrow streets of Cartagena is the over 6 miles long fortress walls are visible, once built to defense the city from unwanted visitors, today only captured by tourist camera’s. Taking a walk in town is pleasant and shows the colonial architecture, passing by the cathedrals and palaces in between shady shopping plaza’s its recommended to sit down and watch the world go by drinking a tinto (small cup of coffee).

You can stay in Colombia up till 90 days before needing any type of visa, if you plan to stay longer you can extend your stay with an extra 120 days. Travelers arriving for business purposes require a visa, a valid passport and a return ticket is required for anyone traveling to Cartagena, Colombia.

Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS) is the international airport of The Netherlands located just 10 miles of Amsterdam city, Schiphol is considered to be one of the busiest and most important airports in Europe. The airport is owned by Schiphol Group (N.V. Luchthaven Schiphol) with as main shareholders the Dutch government and the municipality of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Almost all of the airlines companies fly through Schiphol whether they may be a small Europe city hopper airline such as EasyJet or Transavia but also large international airlines such as North West, KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) and China Airlines. With nearly 50 millions travelers on yearly bases Schiphol Amsterdam has truly marked themselves for being one of the largest airports, it even ranks 12th on worldwide scale. Unlike other large airports there’s no free WIFI, internet is available through paid service points from KPN.

Travelers that pass through, arrive or depart from Schiphol and have the opportunity to spend time at the airport have a wide scale of possibilities to their availability, for example the Holland Casino which is centered in the passengers lounge, foreign currency exchange and ATM’s, business centers & lounges are spread out over the airport, several international restaurants for fine dining, a highly recommended restaurant is the Panorama terrace, for fantastic views of the aircraft’s, gates and platforms. For this fascinating spectacle, just follow the route between Arrivals hall 1, 2 and 3 and of course duty free shopping in any store after the passport control, recently Schiphol even made it possible to have your wedding at the airport.

When traveling with the family, and need your kids to lose a little steam. Bring them to Kid’s Forest for a play in between a kids dream content area with forest-like surroundings, actual tree houses with slides and a range of climbing and play equipment. All this free of charge located on Holland Boulevard – Between Piers E and F (Beyond Passport Control). Just imagine enjoying a “Back to Life” massage yourself for 10 (€16,50 about $25 US) or 20 (€27,50 about $40 US) minutes while your kids having fun during their travel!

When traveling outside the airport you can use the public taxis, be aware that taxi’s are considered a luxury in the Netherlands and prices for a short ride to Amsterdam easily exceeds €40 ( about $60 US). The most affordable way to travel is by train. There’s 8 stations at the airport right in the arrivals hall with intercity trains to Rotterdam, Den Haag and other destinations within Netherlands and Europe. There’s one NS Highspeed Fyra train connected that departs hourly to Rotterdam and soon to add London, Paris and Berlin.

For further information about Schiphol airport, contact the Holland Tourist Information open from 7 AM till 10 PM. For those would like or need to stay at the nearest airport hotel have several choices for example right on the arrival halls there’s Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel and Mercure Schiphol Terminal which both have good ratings.

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