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Once capital of the former Janjira state, nowadays the photo rich fisherstown of Murud which is situated about 102 miles south of Mumbai and can be easily reached by ferry/bus combination from the Gate of India as its located on the green west coast of Maharashtra. Janjira is the Marathi corruption of the Arabic word “jazirah” meaning “island”. Although the whole city was once called Janjira, the true meaning is defined by the mighty island fortress in the sea.

When you arrive in Murud by bus or taxi there’s just one main street leading through the city which is narrow and clean, one the sides are palm trees and colored houses, an gigantic empty beach can be found on the right hand side overlooking the outlines of the Casa Fort with nearby a few lodges like Sahil Lodge (from 600rs/night) as well a handful of hotels like Sea sight (from 800rs/night) providing cheap accommodation. Nearby these accommodation is another hotel/restaurant facing the beach named Vinajak Garden Family Restaurant providing cheap, fresh local foods for breakfast and dinner. It’s not a popular tourist destination but more of a stop-over for backpackers who are traveling from Mumbai towards Goa and back. 

The presence of the volatile Abyssinians can be felt like the tales of Murud’s past glory being told by the locals, as well can be seen by visiting the magnificent Sidi Palace that even today still stands on the outskirts of Murud village. The Sidi Palace brings a whole new dimension to tourist sightseeing with it’s 43 acres of land, old cannon’s, remnants of stone lion and a disused fountain covered with weeds and sculpture, not to mention the interiors of the Sidi Palace which is absolutely breathtaking unfortunately tourists are not allowed to go inside. Another great sightseeing in Murud is the Janjira Fort which is nearby the Janjira Village.

As earlier mentioned, the beach is empty besides for a few fishermen and kids riding buffalo’s with wooden cars, as well horses. You’re in for a surprise! Leaves you wondering why they don’t add a few beach shacks, restaurants and advertise Murud as a beach resort. As far our research, map wise Murud is the closest beach town from Mumbai and can be easily reached within 4 hours of convenient travel. It’s a perfect hide-away for Mumbai citizens and backpackers, but as of March 2010 has a serious lack of facilities. There’s just a few small shops that sell snacks and drinks although the Fish Market at the end of the beach is defiantly worth a visit. In the entire city of Muru there’s no ATMs (closes one is 19 miles away) and just a single internet cafe named “Fahim Internet Cafe” opened from 8:30 am to 11:00 pm (35rs. per hour) with 17 inch flat screens and a decent internet connection which is a few doors down from the Sahil Lodge.

The trip from Mumbai to Murud should cost you 144 rs. as of March 2010 for the ferry and bus from Gate of India to Mandrwa by ferry 45 minutes, from Mandrwa by bus to Alibag 30 minutes (2 in 1 ticket 110rs) total travel time 1 hours and 15 minutes. From Alibag central by bus (named tum tum) to Murud 2 hours (bumpy ride) for 34rs. Be sure to stock some extra drinks and snacks before proceeding to Murud by bus as there’s no air-conditioning. The tickets for the bus can be purchased in the bus.