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sfsd @haojili ?

active 2 weeks, 5 days ago
"Pheasant university Fang FaWei bo said yesterday, China arcteryx jackets university, vice President of the American university of California ZhangJianHua is graduated from MBA, the school although no TangJun Alma mater west Pacific university famous, but is actually bare-foot. Yesterday afternoon, [...]" · View


  • sfsd posted an update:   2 weeks, 5 days ago · View

    Pheasant university
    Fang FaWei bo said yesterday, China arcteryx jackets university, vice President of the American university of California ZhangJianHua is graduated from MBA, the school although no TangJun Alma mater west Pacific university famous, but is actually bare-foot. Yesterday afternoon, ZhangJianHua bloggers in response to call their MBA fang before training already has a researcher title, objectively nor use this certificate obtain personal honor or interests. Fang in micro bo stick out nongda vice principal ZhangJianHua at the school official website down jackets, personal introduction only one word: ZhangJianHua, male, han ethnic group, Beijing, jan born in 1960, 1983 February to work on January 1985, recruiting, California American university MBA graduation, the researcher. In profile listed below education experience, did not appear study of American university of California time.
    For ZhangJianHua jackets, fang evaluation, ”the school, though no west Pacific university famous, is actually bare-foot. Many Chinese entrepreneurs (e.g. overlord shampoo boss) buy it diploma in gilding pour all right, how famous university leaders also spent this injustice since drop worth?” In early 2002, fang began to question before and after the American university of California. He once wrote says California American university is a ”klein terengganu university”, the school’s 2001 MBA admissions stated called ”has the legitimate awarded the United States department of education approved MBA certificate of qualification”, the fact is California American university without any American authentication institutions moncler jackets, the United States department of education also never recognize any one school degree certificate. Yesterday afternoon, China agricultural university’s vice-chancellor ZhangJianHua opened blog and micro bo, responding to modulate questioned.
    He wrote: ”I in 2000 by north face jacket agree, at one’s own expenses in domestic attended the California American university MBA class, was completed in 2001 study. I attend the training is the main reason of the hope learning management knowledge. I university agronomy, graduation is professional after she has been engaged in logistics management service work. Around 2000 when logistics socialization reform, oneself feel to lack enterprise knowledge of management, the urgent need to recharge. The then social class, via on each kind of many friends introduction, I signed up for the above-mentioned training and study.” ZhangJianHua says American university of California, not an MBA diploma seek interests. ”Didn’t attend the training and north face outlet, I have already have researcher title, the title is January 1999 assess, belong to college was universally practised ’education management research series.” I attend MBA study, the subjective is needed, to oneself knowledge charging, objectively nor use this certificate obtain personal honor or interests. I to your rigorous scientific spirit they admire, but I don’t want in my learning experience aspect produces lenovo, misunderstanding and amplification.”
    China agricultural university press center staff to reporters confirmation, blog content is indeed ZhangJianHua written. The school did not comment on this matter temporarily. Go abroad at one’s own expenses study abroad for help, ski jackets of education is right choice foreign school education foreign-related supervisory information nets released 33 principal study in the country more than 10,000 schools list, it claims the list basic covers Chinese citizens abroad destination country formal college major.

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    Russian spy agencies
    Russia’s two biggest christian louboutin discount intelligence agencies be exposed to the fierce fighting is happening, caused by a Russian ready to put two agencies and instituting similar to the former Soviet union KGB (KGB) of intelligence organizations. Reports say, Russian intelligence experts discloses, Russia in domestic intelligence work of the federal security service (FSB) intentionally merger Russia foreign christian louboutin sale agency (SVR) to form a similar to the KGB’s comprehensive intelligence agencies. This program’s supporters tried to use foreign intelligence recent defeat to achieve this . Recently, Russia’s foreign intelligence embedded in the United States to 10 latent spy by U.S. expelling, this is the Russian intelligence agencies since Soviet union since the biggest frustration encounter.
    Russian women’s jackets experts pavel • reinfeldt gold Hal said: ”great frustration, arrest and subsequent ten Russian illegal agents from the United States, has become the expulsion of the federal security plan to promote an excuse.” Phil gold Hal says the Russian federal security will purposely foreign intelligence defeat details leaked to the media, then their officials and anonymous on foreign intelligence agency launched an unprecedented criticism. Phil gold Hal said: ”leaked the purpose is to let foreign executives soon make the reorganization of timberland shoes. Either let foreign cia and federal security merger, or is in more loyal to replace the foreign intelligence current leadership.” Following the defeat in Russia intelligence agencies, Russian President dmitry medvedev was ordered to foreign intelligence agency on internal investigation. Russia wants to rebuild similar to soviet-era KGB organization, an important step is to two big intelligence agencies merger.
    In the 1990s, to timberland boots the power, when KGB organization of the Russian President yeltsin skill promoting will KGB split for domestic and foreign two relatively independent intelligence agencies. Currently there are signs that Russia and is considering two big intelligence agencies to merge. Russian federal security is Russia national anti-spyware and intelligence agencies, the present main reconnaissance duty is to coordinate engaged in antispyware and anti-terrorism operations. Russia’s foreign intelligence agency north face triclimate in 1991 December, its are the President and the direct leadership, the task is responsible for foreign intelligence collection work. The agency’s first chief PuLiMaKeFu has openly declared, Russian foreign intelligence work objects and range of major in foreign countries, it completely wrong politicized and specialized agencies, only for social security services, not for any personal and political party service. Jump rail bearer was a woman, jumped out of the crashed into a body, and then it was carried away. Jenny said after 10 minutes on the direction of the train back to normal.
    Xinmin nets reporter then from rail transit operator to north face down, the 12 when 16 points or so, who hit the jump rail is chifeng road south of a crowded subway trains. Operator, said jumped the tracks who was later sent to hospital emergency line 3 operation so by 15 minutes impact.

  • sfsd posted an update:   2 weeks, 5 days ago · View

    The military administrative zones
    Nanjing zhongshan apex bionic jackets scenic spot are world famous natural scenery and humane places of historic interest. Since 2004, is prohibited here for commercial development. However, recently, reporters have been clues, zhongshan tombs, someone in daxing core scenic spot, expanding the villas, civil time has been nearly a year.Into the sun yat-sen mausoleum scenic spot, found an insider said in sun yat-sen mausoleum 6 DE base zijin the villa from district, look inside the walls extroversion is its sizzling construction arcteryx outlet, when a reporter in the hundred meters away from the village, shooting pictures gate suddenly rushed out of several handheld steel tube man, clashed with reporters. Earlier this year, DE base group will the villa area with high walls up all by the military administrative zones, the name of a building boom in high walls, illegal expansion in villa.
    DE base zijin cheap north face of staff up ask: ”you is which side?” Reporter ask: ”you is which side?” DE base zijin manor of staff ShengSeJuLi ground to say: ”you take some photos here, you still ask us is which side?” Reporter answered: ”I in this place belongs to sun yat-sen mausoleum ah, me into your (district) the inside?” DE base zijin manor of grey garment workers said: ”the military administrative zones of surrounding area is not allowed to shooting video interview.” Then again a German base zijin manor of security charge, he ordered don’t allow reporters to north face on sale. In the grays and garment man confrontation process, the reporter repeatedly asked him to produce the relevant document, but the man is not to provide. Reporter alarm, near the police police arrived on the scene. After verification, the original in gray man just villas property management personnel, rather than serviceman.
    At this north face sale, this name is Chen’s content canal head and delete picture taken threat reporters, and said the villa district involving state secrets, in gray man says to the reporter: ”you put our state secrets shooting down, you not spy?” This name in gray man says belong to here the military administrative zones in order to seek the truth, the reporter interviewed nanjing relevant departments. The reporter comes to nanjing military real estate administration information, interview the administration assistant HaoXiaoHua when asked, ”which of the two is military personnel?” HaoXiaoHua watched video material answer: wear black suit and gray suit these two people, I can tell you responsibly, not of military spyder jackets. ”HaoXiaoHua further explained:” 16 villas of land in 1993 after the headquarters approval, and local real estate company cooperate builds a house, at present this plot is not the military administrative zones. The company development projects, is local enterprise behavior. ”
    Located in sun yat-sen mausoleum of German base zijin villa why under the banner of the military administrative zones, expanding the villa? In an insider coordinates, the reporter to home-buyers identity, enter the the north face jacket, enter villa after the gate, everywhere was dongdong is expanding villa, many are close to completion. According to the workers said, in a clearing of the center of the community, is planning to build a area of more than a 1000 square meters, can be DE base villa villa villa zijin group of ”building king”.

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    European cities also plunged
    The Wall Street north face discount analysts Whitney for successful prediction citi bank bankruptcy radically. 19, she again warned that has disrupted many Banks and even the entire national debt crisis of the next year, are likely to spread, the United States has more than city 100 city next year may be bankrupt. Whitney, says the United States is local government debt problem is now the biggest problems facing the U.S. economy, may make the United States from economic recovery track. Whitney on 19th this month accept CBS ”60 minutes” interview: ”in addition to real north face gore tex, debt crisis is America’s most serious problem, also affirmation is on the U.S. economy of the biggest threat.” ”I believe that you will see a series of municipal bonds default. You will see about 50 to 100 cities bonds default, even more. These bonds gross can amount to several billion dollars.” Whitney said.
    For canada goose jackets local government debt crisis, New Jersey governor Christie made concise summary: ”we spend too much money on each thing. We overdraw too much. We frantically loans. Now credit card maxed out. We need now from the hole underneath to climb, and the hole we dug 10 years to spare. We must slowly crawled out, but it is very difficult. It was reported that the us state and municipal government total liabilities as high as $2 trillion. The U.S. states costs more than tax in almost a $500 billion, but also faced $1 trillion in welfare fund canada goose coat. At present, the motor city ”Detroit has begun to cut police, reduce illume, road maintenance and street cleaning services, nearly one in five of the population affected. As the U.S. auto industry and the fading of Detroit for lack of enough money to 90 million urban population provide services. ”The cities only self-reliance, because the government ZiGuBuXia.”
    The London school of canada goose Yorkville economic geography professor Andre si at staples said, ”municipal government have to pay his debts, some cities may be forced to take drastically reducing spending measures, such as Detroit.” Neighbouring Illinois spending is income twice, greatly half-year. But Illinois state university already in debt four million dollars. It is reported, the state’s face debt default risk was 21%, is the highest in the states. In California, the state has put public university tuition increase 32%. Arizona state parliament building and has higher court building state, and then sold to investors rent back to use. The 50 states, already half of all states cutting government canada goose trillium, 22 states began to introduce unpaid leave plan, at least 28 states has ordered overall budget cuts, including many states more specific institutions launch slash plan, pension plan fiscal gap also becomes more and more big.
    The national governors association report in June report says, the states total spending two consecutive decline in fiscal year, this is 40 years first appear this kind of circumstance. Although accustomed to the ups and downs of canada goose kids cycle ups, but U.S. officials and responsible for budget people are facing have never experienced the situation: year after year, the gap was accelerated growth. Normally, deficit problem mostly through budget means to solve the crisis, but the depth is forcing states give up before and had to ”strategy,” the ground bullets budget cuts.

  • sfsd posted an update:   2 weeks, 5 days ago · View

    Full 800 yuan enjoy tax refund
    To promote cheap arcteryx tourism in hainan island construction, decision of the state council in hainan province develop offshore customers shopping departure tax rebate policy (hereinafter referred to as the exit drawback policy) pilot. According to introducing, the same overseas travelers same day in the same drawback fixed-point shops buying drawback goods reach 800 yuan RMB can enjoy tax refund lowest shopping amount, departure tax drawback for value added tax, tax unification of 11%. The ministry of finance has issued the about shopping in hainan develop overseas passenger departure tax rebates for the announcement of the pilot. Notice said, up retreat point columbia jacket scheduled for 800 yuan RMB. Since retreated point means the same overseas travelers same day, in the same drawback designated shop for the tax refund items can enjoy tax refund lowest shopping amount.
    Overseas columbia jackets outlet means within the Chinese territory inhabited continuously for less than 183 days during the foreigners and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan.Departure taxes declared for value added tax, tax drawback unified to 11%. Should TuiShuiE calculation formula: should TuiShuiE = ordinary sales invoice amount (including VAT) x drawback According to introducing, outside the passengers to obtain a drawback, shall be in conformity with the following six conditions: 1. In the designated shop for the tax refund tax items, shopping amount has reached up retreat point, and according to the prescribed in offshore customers shopping departure tax refund denali jackets, etc; tax rebate voucher 2 in the departure port for departure procedures, before the departure tax items yet enabled or consumption; 3. Departure date acquisition from drawback goods shall not exceed 90 days, 4. Purchased overseas passenger himself by tax items carry-on carried exit, 5. Purchased drawback goods by the customs inspection and verification and in overseas travelers shopping departure tax refund application affix, 6. In the designated drawback agency for tax refund.
    Announcement to say, north face bionic goods is to show the country is allowed exit drawback policy and enjoy the personal lives of goods, but food and drink, fruit, cigarettes, liquor, automobile, motorcycle, etc are not included. The prize in chongqing, China association of the development of Chinese city mayor report ”working committee deputy secretary-general WangChangYuan said, in a whole gala, chongqing award, the only way the most special north face denali presenters and LingJiangZhe conducted a warm embrace, reveal the city’s harmonious, can see, chongqing people really very happy. ” Yesterday’s party, each city from the published statements to award, time happiness in 5 minutes total. But just this five minutes, has attracted many people of chongqing’s interest. The changsha evening news ShuWei say, three years ago to chongqing, but did not do more to stay. Yesterday evening from promo see majestic river-crossing bridge, run LRV and beautiful night, she said, ”find a time, I would certainly go to chongqing carefully see.” Zhejiang TV reporter QinJia north face coat tells a reporter, five years ago have been there once chongqing. ”Look at most one is made of chongqing play black, 2 it is 5 chongqing construction.” QinJia said, 5 chongqing’s construction, careful analysis, and people’s livelihood, and the people concerned about, and happiness are concerned. QinJia, also said yourself, you will have the opportunity to chongqing.

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