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Kraljevo (Краљево) is a city and municipality in the Republic of Serbia. The city is located on the river banks of Ibar about 4.5 miles from its confluence with the Zapadna Morava, and in the middle of an valley with the Kotlenik Mountains to the north, and Stolovi Mountains in the south. As of latest measurement the city has a population of 100 thousand people.

In the last decade Kraljevo has become a remarkable travel destination for lovers of Serbian culture and history. For example the city has several famous museums and art galleries like the National Museum, founded in 1950 which collects and features exhibits documents and archaeological, ethnological and art collections. As well the New Gallery, which was the former grammar school that has become a prominent space for exhibitions and scientific meetings. Another valuable sightseeing is the Institute for Protection of Cultural Heritage where numerous medieval Serbian buildings are gathered together in between venerable monuments.

Besides culture and history sightseeing, the city of Kraljevo also offers several areas for relaxing like the local beach at the banks of the Ibar, aside the beach there’s a boulevard with sporting areas filled with restaurants offering brilliant local cuisine and a nice view over the beach and river.

American and European citizens aren’t required a Visa to enter Kraljevo when the duration of the stay does not exceed 90 days. A valid passport is that’s valid for at least 6 months needs to be shown upon arrival to the immigration officers at the international airport. Tourists are required by law to register with the Serbian police within 24 hours after entering the Serbian border.

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