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Kashmir is found in the northwest of India. The word Kashmir means a land that has been dried off of water. This is because Ka means “water” while Shimir means “to desiccate” or to be dried off. There are other theories as to where exactly Kashmir got its name but cashmere is definitely a variant of the Indian region. The region is populated by approximately 13 million residents.

You may be terrified of the prospect of traveling to Kashmir because of what you have heard about the region. It may not be as dangerous as some of the accounts, especially recently. However, the Kashmir countryside and much of the region are still in danger of Kashmiri separatist attacks. Take care to avoid the countryside. If you are still going ahead with your Kashmir holiday, you need to consult your embassy and also keep up with the latest news on the region.

You can book a flight to Kashmir via Jet Airways, Air Deccan or Indian Airlines. In Kashmir itself, you can travel by train or by bus. If you are in a hurry, you can take a four-wheel drive jeep; it is one of India’s public transports. For convenience, you can go for private hire jeeps. Spring and autumn in Kashmir is blessed with mild weather. So, March to early May or September to November may be an ideal month to visit if you do not want to get too hot or too cold. Summer temperature varies from 77 degrees Fahrenheit to 95 degrees Fahrenheit while the winters can be cold and blanketed with snow.

All nationalities traveling to India must have an Indian Visa prior to arriving at Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL), even for airline transits. Travel destination India is pretty strict issuing visa’s and has multiple requirements which count for all travelers. For price inquiry please contact the embassy, a basic tourist VISA to India for 3 months costs €65 in Europe and $80 in North America, while Students, Business, Journalists or Family visa’s start at €99 ($120). The best period to visit Delhi is between March and May this is in the summer period with the least rain.