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All nationalities traveling to India must have an VISA prior to arriving at Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL), even for airline transits. Travel destination India is pretty strict issuing visa’s and has multiple requirements which count for all travelers. For price inquiry please contact the embassy, a basic tourist VISA to India for 3 months costs €65 in Europe and $80 in North America, while Students, Business, Journalists or Family visa’s start at €99 ($120).

- Original passport which is valid for at least 6 months after date of arrival India.
- Original passport photo’s (2 pieces).
- Completely filled in visa application form.
- Copy of your (e)-ticket purchase, with receipt.

Further more, India has different rules for VISA applications which are as follow,

Multiple Entry In case you’re in need of an double or multiple entry VISA you also need copy of tickets to another country, and a travel plan. For instance; Arriving 1th of January in India, 15th of January by plane to Nepal, 1th of February return to India.

Children Children under the age of 18, wanting to travel alone or with a single parent to India need a written permission from the parent not traveling along, plus a copy of his/her passport. When the children are traveling alone, they need a written permission from both of the parents, plus a copy of their passports.

Students Students traveling to India need to show proof of a school registration and a recent copy of a bank account statement on their name.

No income Any traveler without form of occupation is required to present a recent copy of a bank account statement on their name.

Nationalities Travelers that have an foreign nationality but are born in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, China, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq need to contact the embassy personally, after a conversation the Indian embassy shall request permission at the country of origin.

Repeat In case you have traveled to India before, your visa needs to be expired for at least 2 months before you can request another visa to India.

Long periods In case your a tourist, traveling for longer than 3 months to India, you need a written declaration, stating that your visit to India is purely on tourist bases and that you will not perform any other occupation while in the country.

Business If you are traveling for business purposes to India you also need to fill the backside of the visa application form (part C). As well an official written guarantee letter from your company stating; the employers function within the company, that the company is responsible for all of the travelers costs. In case you need a Multiple Entree Visa this, specifically needs to be written in the official letter.

Besides a letter from the company you work for all, you also need a invitation letter from the India cooperation, where it says the chamber of commerce numbers, and all other legal information such as; company address, reason of visit. In case there’s need to an Multiple Entree visa, it also needs to be confirmed in this letter.

In case the employers function within the company is lower than manager, owner or CEO than the following files also need to be included; Guarantee from boss or manager and a recent copy of the employee’s bank statement.

A list of cities in India