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In the province of South Holland located about 15 miles of Rotterdam lies the city of Gouda. It’s the 48th largest city of the Netherlands, and 13th largest of the province South Holland with a total population of 72 thousand people as of latest measurements. Within its region its often referred to as the “Groene Hart” which in Dutch means “Green Heart”.

Gouda is a city with a rich history, the city in importance during mid-centuries for international trade was gigantic thanks to the location on the river banks. In 1972 Gouda received its first city rights and grew within a few years it  to the 5th biggest city of the Netherlands. Thanks to these happenings Gouda today, is filled with cultural, historical and monumental sightseeing for tourists with as most famously known the Stadhuis (city hall) and Sint-Janskerk (catholic church).

Of course, this isn’t what Gouda is worldwide famous for, the many cheese farms around the city, where tourists can make their own Gouda kaas “Gouda cheese” is officially the most visited sightseeing of Gouda for years in a row. The cheese being exported from these cheese farms is sold throughout the world. Other export products include candles, stroop wafels and pipes. Another popular tourist sightseeing is the Gouda kaasmarkt in the city center being hold every Thursday morning starting from the third week in Juni, July, August till end of September.

If you are looking to enjoy some pure Dutch nature, it’s recommend to rent a bicycle to tour around the roads of Gouda viewing the cheese farms, windmills, tens’ of cows in wide grass fields and the historical sightseeing. In the city center there’s a tourist information point where they have sightseeing bicycle tours for tourists.

Travelers to Gouda need a valid passport and visa. American citizens can visit without a visa for up to 90 days. Gouda is a relatively small city so a good way to get round in the city is to rent bicycle or simply walk. The best time of the year to visit Gouda is in the summer time, which is in the June, July and Augustus. Generally seen the city is safe for tourists as it has a low crime rate.