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The Euromast Sky Tower is the height pride of Rotterdam and is visible from almost anywhere within the city. Besides the many tourist visitors, locals are also delighted to visit this 50 year old Dutch national monument. Who doesn’t want to eat at a height of 328 ft. (100 meters) with a spectacular 360 degree view on one of Europe‘s largest harbors, the city of Rotterdam and the maas river bridges including Willemsbrug and Erasmusbrug. Besides food facilities the Euromast also offers fun for thrill seekers such as abseiling, the Euroscoop at 606 ft. height (185 meters) and Speedboat Adventure tours across Harbor and maas river. For those who can’t get over the fun, two luxury Euromast hotel rooms await to spend a night in your own Space Tower inclusive of champagne and private balcony.


The Euromast Sky Tower is a 606 feet tall “Space Tower” in the city of Rotterdam, designed and built by Hugh Maaskant between 1958 and 1960 in the honor of the 1960 Floriade. The Euromast is a concrete building with an internal diameter of 30 ft. (9 meters) and wall thickness of 1 ft. (30 centimeters) for stability reasons it has been built on a concrete block worth 4,2 million LB (1.9 million kilograms) of established underground. The original height of the Euromast upon completion in 1960 was 331 ft. (100 meters), when in the 1970′s the Euromast lost its position as the tallest tower of Rotterdam the government decided to add an additional 279 ft. (85 meters). The Euromast is member of the World Federation of Great Towers.

General information

Everyone is welcome at the Euromast although an entrance ticket is required. The ticket can be purchased at the service desk upon entrance of the Euromast. This ticket will give access to the 360 degree Brasserie restaurant, the two level balcony and the Euroscoop a rotating elevator that reaches the top of the Euromast at 606 ft (185 meters).

Ticket prices
€8,90 ($10,66) Adults
€5,70 ($6.83) Children 4 till 11 (0-3 free)
€7,70 ($9.22) Seniors (65+)

Euromast facilities
No smoking Smoking is prohibited inside the Euromast.
Wheelchair accessible The Euromast is wheelchair accessible.
No pets No pets are allowed inside the Euromast.
Restaurant The Euromast offers local and international cuisine.
WIFI Availibility The Euromast offers FREE WIFI.

Euromast pictures

The Euromast isn’t just another sightseeing attraction in the city of Rotterdam, it’s an absolute landmark with over 50 years of history. Have a look at a great selection of unique pictures of the Euromast on a clear sunny day without clouds. These pictures have been taken by Dave from Globenavigation.com

Euromast from ground single zoomEuromast from ground double zoomEuromast from ground without zoom50 Years euromast flag

These pictures date Saturday 5th of June 2010 Euromast, Rotterdam.

Fine dining

The Euromast offers a unique dining experience on 314 ft. (96 meters) height with a panoramic 360 degree view of Rotterdam. The view from table or private booth add character to the already fancy designed restaurant named “Brasserie”. The bar is located in the inner circle from where the staff operates. The staff who seemed friendly, cooperative and maintained English skills are plenty available. Visitors can join for lunch, dinner or select a drink and snack from the menu.

In between a food or drink order you can take the stairs to a 360 degree 2 level balcony without additional charge. Although the balconies are 360 degree 1/4th of the total space is being used for thrill factor abseiling. Spread out over the balcony there’s “Super Zoom” machines where you can Zoom-in on Rotterdam City to your hearts content. The restaurant Brasserie serves both local and international food, the kitchen closes 45 minutes before the Euromast closing time (23 pm).

Euromast Brasserie Private boothEuromast Brasserie Private booth viewEuromast balcony Super Zoom

Thrill seekers

The Euromast offers several thrills for adrenaline junkies, using height and surrounding landmarks in their advantage.

Euroscoop Euromast

The Euroscoop is built only for those who aren’t afraid of heights, the rotating elevator spins until the very top of the Euromast at 606 ft. (185 meter) height. When the sky is clear you can see as far as the Belgium city Antwerp. The Euroscoop is opened during Euromast business hours if the weather and technical conditions allow you to enjoy. The Euroscoop is included in the Euromast ticket price and is therefore without additional charge.

Abseiling from the Euromaster
Abseiling [€45.00 INCL. ENTRANCE TICKET]

Cross your personal limit and step over the edge of the Euromast in order to head straight down while enjoying the remarkable skyline of Rotterdam. How is this unique? For one it’s the highest abseiling course in Europe as well that you’re heading straight down instead of jumping the wall on the way down. Abseiling is present every weekend from May till September 2010. Reservation is not required but advisable. Minimum required age is 16 years.

Euromast Speedboat Adventure
Speedboat Adventure [€47.50 INCL. ENTRANCE TICKET & LUNCH]

The speedboat adventure tour is the newest thrill of the Euromast which allows you to discover Rotterdam from both sea and air. Before or after your luxury and private lunch in the Brasserie restaurant you’ll fly for 20 minutes over the waves of the maas river across landmarks in a Joker Coast 650 up to 50 miles (80 kilometers) speed. Speedboat Adventure can be booked every weekend from June till October 2010 between 11 am and 2 pm. Reservation is required.

Euromast & the Spido

The last but certainly not least package isn’t so much a thrill but yet a fun combination package for friends, families or group tours. It offers an 75 minutes laid-back sightseeing tour across Rotterdam landmarks on the popular Spido boat as well entrance to the Euromast and Euroscoop. There’s no minimum age requirement to go aboard the Spido, as well there’s no reservation required. Tickets can be booked at the ticket office at the desk of the Euromast.

How to reach
Public transport from Rotterdam Central Station, Tramline 8 (Spangen) stop Euromast.
Private or rental car follow signs “Centrum” / “Maastunnel” from highway and thereafter “Euromast” within city center. There are paid parking spots in front of the Euromast.
Taxi any driver should know the Euromast within city center, the total costs on the meter shouldn’t exceed €20,00.

Contact & opening hours

Opening Hours April till September (Mon – Sun) 9.30 am – 23 pm
Opening Hours October till March (Mon – Sun) 10 am – 23 pm

Parkhaven 20
3016 GM Rotterdam
+31 010 4364811

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Dave Globenavigation.com at the Euromast Rotterdam
Dave from Globenavigation.com at the Euromast

An Globenavigation.com exclusive written and published by Dave Geerts on the 5th of June 2010.