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Den Haag

Den Haag or in English The Hague is the provincial capital of South Holland and lies on the North Sea. It is the third largest city in the Netherlands after Amsterdam and Rotterdam. It is home to the popular Scheveningen beach. The city is seat of the Dutch government, located in Binnenhof, and residence to the Queen. It has a population of more than 480 thousand people.

Den Haag is foremost known as residence of international courts, such as the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Tribunal and the International Criminal Court, all of the United Nations. There are also many embassies around the city. The Hague is surrounded by other cities and can’t grow any bigger. The center is pretty nice, but without little canals. Tourists usually visit Den Haag on sunny days to enjoy Scheveningen beach. The Queen had her work palace in Den Haag in Palace Noordeinde. It is closed for public, but the gardens are open. The Queen residential palace is called Huis Den Bosch.

Den Haag offers certain sights that are worth a visit. You can check out Mauritshuis with paintings in it, Panorama Mesdag or a 360 degree painting, Madurodam, or the Netherlands in miniature, Sculptures at Sea, on the beach boulevard inside a dune, Municipal Museum, museum The Prison Gate, Lange Voorhout an unusual inner city street, and Royal Theater. There are many department stores, restaurants and clubs available to have a good time at night. Big event every year is ‘Princes Day’ on the third Tuesday in September when the new parliamentary year is officially opened.

Travelers to Den Haag need a valid passport and visa. American citizens can visit without a visa for up to 90 days. Den Haag is relatively small and compact city and it is easy to walk around or rent a bicycle.