Celebrations & Festivals

The people of Thailand celebrate life with the philosophy of ‘Sanuk’, which means ‘enjoying pleasure’. Celebrations are seldom ‘ceremonious’ and serious but always frivolous and colorful. Yearly celebrations, religious celebrations and celebrations within certain seasons are an essential part of the daily Thai culture. Thai people feast every month, as much as possible, according to a 13th century motto: ‘Who wants to be happy, should do it’.

Songkran is the celebrating of New Year and Water on the 13th April. People clean Buddha statues in festal ceremonies and young people show their respect to monks and older people by visiting them. At the end of Songkran Thai people on the street throw buckets of water at each other. Tourists are popular victims here.

Particular pleasant and cosy is the celebration Loy-Krathong that takes place around the end of October. This celebrating comes from an old tradition of believes. The rivers are wild after the monsoons between June and October and they threat the life and belongings of rice farmers. To avert floods, as well as to thank the rain that promises a good rice profit, people sacrificed goods to the gods.

The water spirits and water goddess had to be soothed. During Loy-Krathong rivers, ponds and creeks are transformed into true gardens of light. The Thai are dressed festive and come together among the banks. Crafts made of banana leaves and shaped in the form of lotus are set in the water to travel. The crafts are extensively decorated with flowers, incense, burning candles, coins, foods and personal belongings.

Other Thai celebrations and festivals

in February Makha Puja. Religious people come together at the temples for a procession of light.

in April Day of Chakri. In memory of the inauguration of the first king of the Chakri-dynasty, Rama I.

in May Visakha Buja. Most important festival of Buddhism. Thai people celebrate Buddha’s birth, relief and dying day.

in July at full moon Asanha Buja. Yearly remembrance of Buddha’s first lecture that starts the Lent of three month for monks.

October 23rd Birthday of the King Bhumibol. Thai decorate houses and temples with candles.

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