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Maracaibo also known as “La Tierra del Sol Amanda” meaning The Beloved Land of the Sun is the second largest city in Venezuela after the capital Caracas, Maracaibo is the capital of the Zulia state and is situated in the shores of the Maracaibo lake. As of latest measurement the city has a population of 3.7 million people.

The historical monuments in old town Maracaibo have been nicely restored, including Venzuela’s first elevator building “Botica Nueva” and the most famous landmark of downtown “Chiquinquira Basilic”. Just across the street from the Plaza, next to the Plaza Bolivar its surrounded by Maracaibo sightseeing known as the Government Palace, Baralt Theater and the Casa Morales which is the location where the Venezuelans singed the declaration of independence. While in downtown, you’re nearby the neighborhood of Santa Lucia which is defiantly worth a visit as well.

Several cultural sightseeing in the city of Maracaibo include fine art galleries and museums, the largest museum of South America, Maczul is located in city center, some others include Lia Bermudez Art Center and Theater of Fine Arts.

Maracaibo nightlife is vibrant and diverse, it offers cafes, pubs, bars and discotheques which can be find on several main nightlife streets including 72th, Dr. Portillo and Santa Rita Avenue. The most busy nights are Fridays and Saturdays. When you are looking to eat, and shop before going out at night it’s recommended to visit the large shopping malls Centro Sambil and Doral Center Mall, these malls provide quality stores, restaurants and outlets. When looking for shopping near lake side head over to Galerias Mall and Centro Lago Mall. Of course throughout the cities markets are located near the side of the street, where you can buy fake clothing and hand crafted souvenirs made by the local Guajira tribe.

Once landed at Maiquetia International Airport you are required a valid passport and visa to enter Maracaibo. To get around in the city simply hail a tax in the street, be warned first agree upon a price before getting in as they have no meters. You can also choose to travel by metro which is clean, modern, safe and extremely cheap. The city has a good climate throughout the year.