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Cayenne is the French Guiana’s capital and largest city. It is thought of as a crossroads of several cultures, being located in the middle of the Caribbean and South America while still retaining the status of French territory. This blend of several cultures makes Cayenne an excellent destination. According to the latest measurement, Cayenne’s 9 square miles is populated with 50 thousand residents.

Not only is Cayennne known for being multicultural, it is also known for delicious dishes. With ethnicity’s such as European, Asian, Haitian and Brazilian among others adding to the Cayenne brew, the restaurants can offer so much. You need a belly full of Cayenne’s sumptuous dishes to enjoy the city’s colorful culture. To enjoy the stay to the fullest, you can be part of festival revelry during carnival and other festivals. This means that you have to visit on the first Sunday after New Year for the carnival and the week before Mardi Gras to enjoy costume balls, Cayenne-style.

You can reach the French Guiana by air through various stops in the Caribbean and South America. You can also reach the French territory from France via Air Caraibes or Air France. The French Guiana’s main airport is the Rochambeau International Airport. In the city of Cayenne itself, you can travel by bus, tram or taxi. However, you also have an option to rent a car or a motorcycle. If you are travelling with a companion or more and are planning to see a lot of the city, it is better for you to rent a vehicle. Renting vehicles will in the end be less expensive than going by public transport all the time. Cayenne’s climate is tropical. You can expect the temperature to range from low 70 degrees Fahrenheit to high 80 degrees Fahrenheit all year round.

Planning to visit the French Guiana? You need a passport good for six months upon entry. You also need to present your return ticket from the country. If you are from the United States, you do not need a visa unless you are going to work for a salary even for a short period of time.