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On a less than 2 hour flight from Bogotá, the capital of Colombia lies the most popular tourist resort town Cartagena facing the Caribbean Sea, unlike most beach resort towns it has a rather large population of about 1 million inhabitants. It’s the fifth largest urban area in Colombia. Today its the city center of economic activity in the Carribean region, the city is divided into two parts, Ciadad Antiqua (Old city) and Ciudad Nueva (New city).

Whether it’s the Caribbean Sea, the heat or the perfect location on the northern coast of Colombia. Cartagena is the most visited city by tourists in Colombia. The city gets crowded during December holidays and the holy week when Colombian locals take their holiday. The most popular part of the city is called “ciudad amurallada” which means “walled colonial city” which has an amazing nightlife with clubs and restaurants for fine dining. A whole strip of hotels and resorts known as Bocagrande make the scene complete.

If you wish to make a little side trip, have a look at the Castillogrande, an exclusive neighborhood with fancy condominiums, spacious parks to have a picnic or jog and a quiet beach to spend some quality time with the sun as your best friend.

From almost any of the narrow streets of Cartagena is the over 6 miles long fortress walls are visible, once built to defense the city from unwanted visitors, today only captured by tourist camera’s. Taking a walk in town is pleasant and shows the colonial architecture, passing by the cathedrals and palaces in between shady shopping plaza’s its recommended to sit down and watch the world go by drinking a tinto (small cup of coffee).

You can stay in Colombia up till 90 days before needing any type of visa, if you plan to stay longer you can extend your stay with an extra 120 days. Travelers arriving for business purposes require a visa, a valid passport and a return ticket is required for anyone traveling to Cartagena, Colombia.