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Rio de Janeiro

Brazil‘s second largest city lives well up to its name “Marvelous City” as Rio de Janeiro is alive, beautiful and full of charms. The city is located on the South Atlantic coast and has a population of 7 million people. Rio de Janeiro was the capital Brazil till 1822.

A good starting point for a trip (don’t forget your camera) to Rio de Janeiro are the curious sights of the Pão de Açúcar and Sugar Loaf Mountains, where the city view is spectacular. The view combines the city separated in shanty towns, such as the Rocinha Favela which stands in contrast with life’s grim realities and the culture’s innate passion and joyfulness. The shores of Rio are filled with tourists and locals buying the fried shrimps snack from the empanada peddlers to down their voices while others lounge at the seaside commercial establishments.

Rio de Janeiro’s carnival is the most popular reasons to visit, this spectacular party lasts for almost 2 weeks and is well known for the ‘escolas de samba’ (samba schools) that parade on gigantic structure also called Sambódromo (Sambadrome). During the carnival the streets of Rio turn into ‘samba blocks’ where thousands of people gather together to dance, eat, drink and socialize. Most travelers enjoy and capture every moment on their digital camera.

Travelers landing on Rio de Janeiro International Airport are required a valid passport and visa. Tourist visas are valid for 90 days and can be extended for another 90 days. Petty theft and street crime might be of issue, travelers are warned to look after their belongings.