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The Cook Islands group is separated in 15 islands in the southern part of the pacific ocean, the Cook Islands just like the Tokelau Islands and Niue are part of the parliamentary democratic freedom with New Zealand. Avarua is the capital city of the Cook Islands, located on the island of Rarotonga. Its populated with 2600 locals who make a living of tourism, trade and fishing.

In many ways the island Rarotonga / Avarua is a miniature Tahiti, without French nationals. It somewhat has the same landscape, jagged peaks and steep valleys, sugar white beaches all round and a extended coral reef till 1/4 miles (.5 kilometer) offshore. Its nearby island, Aitutaki is a substitute for Bora Bora on the Cook Islands with nearly surrounded large lagoon full of beautiful sea life. Spending a day on Aitutaki is recommend and the guaranteed highlight of a trip to Avarua.

The Cook Islanders enjoy having a good time, their lifestyles, religion are traditions and haven’t changed in years. The Cook Islands have enough activities to schedule a trip for at least two weeks, including snorkeling, scuba diving, shopping, sightseeing and night out in the region’s bars and dance shows.

Most nationals don’t require a visa to enter the Cook Islands, only a valid passport and a return ticket as long the stay does not extend 31 days. In the summer months which run from April to October, with average temperatures at 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Avarua is a safe travel destination, petty crime and theft are not common against tourists and locals.