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San Fernando

The City of San Fernando is the largest city in Trinidad and Tobago, directly followed by Port of Spain and the second largest municipality after Chaguanas. It’s situated in the south west of the island. The city is surrounded in the north by the Guaracara River, the south by the Oropouche River, the east by the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway, and the west by the Gulf of Paria. Locally, the Trinidadians refer to San Fernando as Sando. As of latest measurement San Fernando has a population of 75 thousand people.

San Fernando is built on the San Fernaando Hill and can be easily reached from domestic destinations such as Port of Spain, Chaguanas and other cities North and Central via the S.S Erin Road and Southern Main Road. Once in the city there’s bus connections available, as well minivans (Maxi Taxi) and car rentals. San Fernando is a city of medium size, local sightseeing’s can be easily explored.

San Fernando sightseeing include the San-Ferando Hill and San Fernando Mission, though experiencing the city itself can be considered sightseeing as it offers many shopping areas such as High Street, it’s main shopping street, as well Gulf City Shopping Complex, the largest mall in the Southland area which is covered by a suburban Gulf View. Nightlife and restaurants can be found in the city center, a few good ones include Soong’s Great Wall Restaurant, Jenny’s Wok and the Golden Dragon. All of the restaurants serve local and international cuisine. After a meal, dance the night away in popular clubs such as Sting and The Edge, unless of course, you prefer cozier night spots and smaller crowds proceed to Horace’s, Richie’s, Tree House, TGIF or Uncle Sam’s.

If you are from the United States, you do not need a visa to stay in Trinidad and Tobago for a maximum of three months. You do need your return ticket and valid passport to gain entry. You will need other permits, such as student permits or working permits, if you are not visiting as a tourist.