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Cancun is a coastal city in Mexico on the Yutacan Peninsula. It is a popular vacation spot with around 4 million tourists every year, mostly from America. The city is located on the Yutacan Channel and is split into two main areas, the Zona Hotelera and the Ciudad Cancun. The first area is a “7″ shaped island with modern beachfront hotels, much like the American city Las Vegas. Ciudad Cancun is situated on the mainland where tourists can find more budget accommodation.

Cancun attracts visitors with its beaches, ocean and dolphins. Snorkeling and scuba diving are common activities. The ocean is for more advanced swimmers, while any resort facing the island of Isla Mujeres is suited for less experienced swimmers and children. Cancun has a thriving nightlife, much unlike other party cities or scenes. The city has numerous hotels and resorts for tourists that like lying on the beach. Tourists that come here shouldn’t mind sharing the beaches with many others.

From Cancun tourists can easily visit the Riviera Maya, which has numerous archeological sites of the Maya people. Here you can visit Coba and Tulum for instance. The area also has many denotes to swim in and ecological parks. Other day trips include visiting Chichen Itza and its historical ruins and Isla Mujeres for snorkeling and enjoying eating in waterfront restaurants.

Travelers to Cancun need a valid passport and visa. American and Canadian citizens can also use a birth certificate with photo ID. Any traveler to Cancun needs a Mexican government issued tourist card (Mexican Tourist Permit), which is free of charge upon arrival. You will need this permit to leave the country. Be aware that timeshare and condos are big business in Cancun. “Free tours” don’t exist, they are for sales talk purposes only. Only use ATM machines inside banks or hotels or else there’s a possibility to become a victim of identity theft.