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San Salvador

El Salvador’s capital of San Salvador is the country’s largest city. It also has the second biggest population in the whole Central American region’s capitals. The city is also quiet old, having been founded in 1525.  Interestingly enough, San Salvador can be found approximately in the middle of El Salvador, near the bottom of a volcano. The valley where it is found is called “Valle de las Hamacas”. The name is Spanish for “valley of the hammocks”.  According to the latest measurement, San Salvador has a population of 1.6 million people.

Tourists are scared of venturing into this Central American city. Publicized as a haven of violence, San Salvador is haunted by its past. Today, however, as long as you stick to the safe zones, you can enjoy the city’s culture through its artsy cafes and breathtaking museums. You can also go on a trip back to history through war memorials and live out the modern turn of the city through its shiny malls and bars. Keep away from Soyopango, however, if you do not want any trouble with the city’s gangs. Stick to areas where the crowd is.

Your best entry point to San Salvador is through Auropuerto Internacional Comalapa. If you are coming from a nearby city, however, you can enter San Salvador through a bus. Traveling within the city, you also have the extensive bus network to rely on for public transportation. You may also go around San Salvador via taxis; taxis charge very cheap rates. Make sure though that you hail a licensed taxi; your clue is the letter A as the first character in its plate number. Hailing a taxi may turn out to be a good idea especially if it is summer in San Salvador. The highest temperature reading recorded in the city is a scorching hot 101 degrees Fahrenheit.  Cool temperature can, on the other hand, give out readings of as low as 47 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you want to visit El Salvador, you do not need a visa. However, you need to buy a tourist card upon arrival.  A tourist card provides you with 30 days to get around. You also need a passport valid for at least six months upon entry and a return ticket.