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Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba is the capital city of the Santiago de Cuba Province in the south east of the island nation Cuba. The city of Santiago de Cuba has a long history, plus its the second largest and important city after the capital city Havana. It’s situated on a bay facing the Caribbean Sea, it’s port is an important income source for the city. As of latest measurement it has a population of 500 thousand people.

Surrounded by impressive mountains linked to the Sierra Maestra at sea side, Santiago de Cuba is a city of hills and inclined streets, with plenty of tourist attractions and historical sightseeing. It also shows the city that brings the people of African and Spanish origin together, along with descendants of immigrants from the French West Indies. This makes Santiago de Cuba a melting pot colorful carnivals and festivals together with French tumbas, Chinese trumpets and all sort of national dancing and revels. Another fact this city is famous for is the sensual and hospitable locals, simply they enjoy and love their lives, therefore it’s referred by some tourists as the Capital of the Caribbean.

Throughout the city there’s several small restaurants and pubs several Cuban cuisine as well as international foods. Drinks are widely available, and don’t forget to pick your Cuban cigar from the restaurants menu prior to dinner. A by travelers recommended place to, some even say “The best place to eat in Santiago de Cuba” is “Salon Tropical” in the downtown area.

American citizens must be licensed by the Department of Treasury in order to travel to Cuba. Any national need either a visa or tourist card, which allows a maximum stay of 30 days in Cuba, the visa can be extended for another 30 days. The costs of visa is about $30 us and can be easily obtained at an Cuban Embassy or directly at a travel agent. All travelers are required a return ticket and proof of booked hotel room for a minimum of three nights.


Havana (Ciudad de La Habana) officially meaning “City of Havana” is the capital city, major port and leading commercial center of Cuba. The city is situated on the northwestern part of the island. It has a population of 2.1 million people which makes Havana Cuba’s and the Caribbean region largest city.

Cuba’s capital city is hard to imagine with its rhythm, sensuality and code the Cubans live by. Havana is so traditional vibrant while at the same time laid back. Until you have enjoyed a view along the Malecón, got lost in time in the narrow cobblestone streets of Habana Vieja’s and have ride the traditional Dogde taxi through Centro Habana, danced the salsa until dawn consuming Cuban’s special made mojito’s and watching the sunrise over the Golf of Mexico laid back from your hotel balcony, you haven’t dealt with a true Havana experience.

The safest way to get round in Havana is by Taxi meter, however make sure the meter is turned on before leaving. Be aware that food is sold in local currency, always carry Cuban pesos with you. Avoid jineteros/jineteras (con artists) offering you cheap cigars, money exchange and least but not last always make sure the bills are correct (especially hand written bills). The best period to visit is during the summer months from May till October.

American citizens must be licensed by Department of Treasury in order to travel to Cuba. Any national need a visa or tourist card, which allows a maximum stay of 30 days in the country, this visa can be extended for 30 days. The visa costs are $30us and can be easily obtained over the counter of an Cuban Embassy or directly from a travel agent. Travelers are required a return ticket and proof of a booked hotel room for at least three nights.