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Hamilton, located in Pembroke Parish, is Bermuda’s capital and largest city. It is also Bermuda’s main port. You should not mistake it for Hamilton Parish because though the city and parish have the same name, the city of Hamilton belongs to the parish of Pembroke. Unlike the parish, Hamilton is named after its governor Sir Henry Hamilton (1778 to 1794). Founded in 1790, the city of Hamilton is part of the United Kingdom’s Caribbean territory of Bermuda. It is home to approximately thousand people. There are times, however, that Hamilton’s population is estimated at more than a thousand.

Though tiny, the city of Hamilton is home to several parks, including the popular Victoria Park, named after the late Queen of Britain. Hamilton is also the island territory of Bermuda’s center. This means that it has enough energy to keep you interested. The city has managed to keep up with modern times without discarding its traditional roots. It is up to you if you’d rather gaze at the ships at the harbor or to take part in the restaurant scene. Have a unique taste of Hamilton by sampling rockfish or by having a horse-carriage ride.

You can reach Hamilton easily from other parts of Bermuda. You can fly over to Bermuda to its only airport, Bermuda International Airport. The Bank of Bermuda is found at the ground floor of the airport. In Hamilton, you can get around by taxi though you can easily get by on foot. The Bermuda climate is tropical, with temperature rising to as high as 82 degrees Fahrenheit. There are milder, cooler seasons when you experience temperatures in the fifties.

If you are from the United States, you need a passport valid for at least six months. Though you are not required to present a visa, you need to show an onward or return ticket.