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Flatts Village

Flatts Village is a small settlement in the country of Bermuda, situated on the southern bank of Flatt’s Inlet in the Hamilton Parish. It’s located exactly between the two incorporated municipalities Hamilton and Saint George. It is one of the earliest settled areas in Bermuda. As of latest measurement the village of Flatts has a population of several thousand people.

Today’s peaceful Flatts Village is still as charming as was in its early days. Now, as then, travelers are being welcomed by a cluster of pastel-painted cottages, well maintained yards and palm trees, yet nowadays travelers can also enjoy true world class sightseeing and natural wonders. Flatts Village, halfway from Hamilton and Saint George’s overlooks the unique inland sea of Harrington Sound, which has caves and marine life with at least 100 varieties of sponges. The village has incarnated itself for centuries as a thriving port, a haven for sailors and enjoyment for fishermen.

Several modern sightseeing’s include the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo. Which are home to more than 200 species of fish. It’s the leading center of marine research, and perfectly situated in Flatts Village. Besides the fact Flatts Village is a good stop by for sailors, it’s also a good environment for family and romantic holidays. It’s locals are friendly, as well the shops and restaurants on walking distance from most accommodations. As well the fact that Flatts Village offers you a opportunity for an reality look into the lifestyle of the Bermudian culture.

American travelers to Flatts Village and Bermuda need a passport that is valid for al least six months. A visa may not be necessary, but you do need an onward or return ticket.

Saint George

Saint George, formally known as Town of St. George, and often confused with it’s parish and island name St. George is the second town and former capital of Bermuda. Saint George is described as the oldest, continually inhabited English settlement in the new world, founded in 1612 and served as capital of Bermuda until eclipsed by Hamilton in 1815. As of latest measurement the city of Saint George has a population of 2 thousand people.

St George’s was Bermuda’s original and first settlement, it’s situated in the east of the country. St George is a popular travel destination in Bermuda, providing pleasant and relaxing sightseeing’s for travelers. There’s daily tours around the Parish of Saint George, as well a walking tour which goes by museums and local shops. Lunch and dinner are taking place in charming restaurants where local and international cuisine are being served.

The center of St. George is located at King’s Square featuring whipping devices to punish criminals and the Town Hall, which located right behind one of Bermuda’s oldest buildings, the State House, dated from 1619. In the area of King’s Square there’s a lot of art galleries and several museums. St. George has a good size to explore the city by foot, it has many beautiful narrow streets to wonder around in. There’s many well maintained gardens which are colored by paw-paw and banana trees. There’s horse drawn buggy rides used as transportation to sightseeing locations such as St. David Island, Fort St. Catherine and Clearwater Beach.

American travelers to Saint George and Bermuda need a passport that is valid for al least six months. A visa may not be necessary, but you do need an onward or return ticket.

Somerset Village

A small unincorporated village and nearly untouched by tourism, that is the beauty of Somerset Village. It is the heart of Somerset Island, the largest island in Sandy’s Parish, in the northwest of Bermuda. It is located on the northern half of Somerset Island and lies on the southern shore of Mangrove Bay. The settlement has existed for centuries, but the exact date is not clear.

Somerset Village used to be a minor, useful port. The village is small, but it has the necessary facilities in the form of a bank, a police station, library, post office, a number of shops, small hotels, pubs and water view restaurants and a boat club. At the west of the village there is a small beach to relax. You can also go to the Somerset Long Bay Beach and Park. Here you will find a good beach and shallow waters. It is a good place for a nice picnic. Nature is being preserved by the Bermuda Audubon Society and the pond attracts lots of migrating birds.

There is a ferry station on the Great Sound from were you can go to the city of Hamilton or the Royal Naval Dockyard on Ireland Island. Somerset Village also has a bus depot that connects the village to other places including the city of Hamilton. When traveling by bus ( 7 or 8 ) or ferry you should notice the destination. Some ferries will take up to 1 1/4 hours depending on the stops.

American travelers to Somerset Village and Bermuda need a passport that is valid for al least six months. A visa may not be necessary, but you do need an onward or return ticket.


Hamilton, located in Pembroke Parish, is Bermuda’s capital and largest city. It is also Bermuda’s main port. You should not mistake it for Hamilton Parish because though the city and parish have the same name, the city of Hamilton belongs to the parish of Pembroke. Unlike the parish, Hamilton is named after its governor Sir Henry Hamilton (1778 to 1794). Founded in 1790, the city of Hamilton is part of the United Kingdom’s Caribbean territory of Bermuda. It is home to approximately thousand people. There are times, however, that Hamilton’s population is estimated at more than a thousand.

Though tiny, the city of Hamilton is home to several parks, including the popular Victoria Park, named after the late Queen of Britain. Hamilton is also the island territory of Bermuda’s center. This means that it has enough energy to keep you interested. The city has managed to keep up with modern times without discarding its traditional roots. It is up to you if you’d rather gaze at the ships at the harbor or to take part in the restaurant scene. Have a unique taste of Hamilton by sampling rockfish or by having a horse-carriage ride.

You can reach Hamilton easily from other parts of Bermuda. You can fly over to Bermuda to its only airport, Bermuda International Airport. The Bank of Bermuda is found at the ground floor of the airport. In Hamilton, you can get around by taxi though you can easily get by on foot. The Bermuda climate is tropical, with temperature rising to as high as 82 degrees Fahrenheit. There are milder, cooler seasons when you experience temperatures in the fifties.

If you are from the United States, you need a passport valid for at least six months. Though you are not required to present a visa, you need to show an onward or return ticket.