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Alice Town

Alice Town is a town in the Bahamas, located on North Bimini Island. It’s the center of the tourist trade on the island, Alice Town houses several hotels, bars and restaurants. In the north of Alice Town is the main settlement, where locals live called Bailey Town. In the north of Bailey Town is Porgy Bay.

Alice Town is a simple, authentic Bahamian settlement without glamor or frills. Located within walking distance of the Hatchet Bay, Alice Town is a small township where you take care of domestic chores and experience the true Bahamian lifestyle. In the town are a post office, several small markets and a laundromat located. For relaxation or enjoyment stop by at Reds Bayview Club, Forget Me Not Club or Seaside Club for a drink, chat, pool and cable TV. If you wish to spend your day at seaside there’s several beaches in the area, with in the south Hidden Beach and Rainbow Beach. The closest beach is Hatchet Bay Beach.

When visiting Alice Town, a few miles north there’s a popular travel sightseeing that can be recommended to travelers. It includes the remains of a cattle and dairy plantation which was originally established in the 1950s. Destroyed by hurricanes, and abandoned in the 1560s. This area now is the home to the Hatchet Bay Caves, a mile long cavern filled with bats, stalagmites and (it’s a shame) graffiti from ruthless visitors. It’s a treasure beneath the ground we life, with it’s own ecosystem. Travelers heading to the Hatchet Bay Caves are recommended wearing long pants and bringing their own flashlight, take a guided tour.

The best time to visit Alice Town is from May to September, when the summer is in full swing. US tourists do not need a visa to travel to Nassau. All that is needed is a valid passport, return tickets, and proof of sufficient funds for the entire trip.