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Mayaguana is the least developed and most isolated island, and district of the Bahamas. It’s located in the east of the Bahamas island group and has been uninhabited until 1812 when people began to migrate from the nearby Turks Islands. As of latest measurement it’s home to approximately 300 people. Mayaguana has never seen major growth.

The island and city are considered a halfway point between South Florida and Puerto Rico, it’s about 450 miles off Palm Beach, Florida. It’s also a popular stopover for yachts on their way to the Caribbean. Even though Mayaguana is small, it’s still a important island, which is the Bahamian way of saying it’s an ideal getaway for travelers that adore and seek footprint-free beaches, sport fishing and reef diving. The main form of transportation to Mayaguana is the mailboat, which transports mail, and from time to time a small group of adventurous travelers. You can also rent a private boat to take you to the island.

The largest settlement in Mayaguana is Abraham’s Bay on the south coast, other settlements include neighboring towns like Betsy Bay and Pirate’s Well in the northwest. The uninhabited areas of the north shore; Upper Point, Northeast Point, and Southeast Point are not accessible by road. The average tourist comes to Mayaguana for relaxation, there’s no big city, city life or any other potential stress factors that affect your day. The beach is white and foot print free, you can walk far down the water without it being deep, therefore fishing is a popular sport locally.

The best time to visit Mayaguana is from May to September, when the summer is in full swing. US tourists do not need a visa to travel to Mayaguana. All that is needed is a valid passport, return tickets, and proof of sufficient funds for the entire trip.

Matthew Town

Matthew Town is located in the southern district of the Bahamas, Inagua. Comprising the islands of Great Inagua, which is also the third largest island in the country and Little Inagua. The island lies about 55 miles from the eastern tip of Cuba. Matthew Town is named after George Matthew a 19th century Governor of the Bahamas. As of latest measurement the population of Matthew Town is about 1 thousand people.

The small town and harbor, as well capital of the Great Inagua island Matthew Town houses the Morton Salt Company’s main facility producing one million tonnes of salt each year. But of course that’s not what Matthew Town is only famous for, there’s several interesting sightseeing which may be as interesting for every tourist. Though what almost anyone likes, as well the reason most travelers come to Matthew Town are the emerald and turquoise waters with naturally form breathtaking beaches. Countless miles of sand, white or pink colored, where ocean meets land with tons of possibilities for ultimate relaxation.

Other more unique sightseeing includes bird watching, also referred to as “Birding” nearby and around Matthew Town where natural beauty and approximately 140 rare bird species form it a true Birder’s Paradise. The same counts for the underwater world on the shores of Matthew Town and Inagua Island, where fishing whether bone fishing or deep sea fishing is very popular. Other popular activities in and around Matthew Town include diving, snorkeling and Eco-tourism.

Matthew Town also offers unique dining experiences, with as specialty seafood. Of course other items, such as American and foreign dishes are also being served. Several restaurants which can be recommended include: Albertha’s Kitchen, Dell’s Jerk Spot, Jean’s Take Away, Lue Lue’s Corner Bar, M & A Take Away, Maria’s Kitchen, Norrie’s Take Away, S & L Bar & Lounge and Super’s Restaurant.

The best time to visit Matthew Town is from May to September, when the summer is in full swing. US tourists do not need a visa to travel to Nassau. All that is needed is a valid passport, return tickets, and proof of sufficient funds for the entire trip.

Alice Town

Alice Town is a town in the Bahamas, located on North Bimini Island. It’s the center of the tourist trade on the island, Alice Town houses several hotels, bars and restaurants. In the north of Alice Town is the main settlement, where locals live called Bailey Town. In the north of Bailey Town is Porgy Bay.

Alice Town is a simple, authentic Bahamian settlement without glamor or frills. Located within walking distance of the Hatchet Bay, Alice Town is a small township where you take care of domestic chores and experience the true Bahamian lifestyle. In the town are a post office, several small markets and a laundromat located. For relaxation or enjoyment stop by at Reds Bayview Club, Forget Me Not Club or Seaside Club for a drink, chat, pool and cable TV. If you wish to spend your day at seaside there’s several beaches in the area, with in the south Hidden Beach and Rainbow Beach. The closest beach is Hatchet Bay Beach.

When visiting Alice Town, a few miles north there’s a popular travel sightseeing that can be recommended to travelers. It includes the remains of a cattle and dairy plantation which was originally established in the 1950s. Destroyed by hurricanes, and abandoned in the 1560s. This area now is the home to the Hatchet Bay Caves, a mile long cavern filled with bats, stalagmites and (it’s a shame) graffiti from ruthless visitors. It’s a treasure beneath the ground we life, with it’s own ecosystem. Travelers heading to the Hatchet Bay Caves are recommended wearing long pants and bringing their own flashlight, take a guided tour.

The best time to visit Alice Town is from May to September, when the summer is in full swing. US tourists do not need a visa to travel to Nassau. All that is needed is a valid passport, return tickets, and proof of sufficient funds for the entire trip.


Freeport is a city on the island of Grand Bahama and it was founded in 1955 by Wallace Groves. It soon grew into the second most populous city of the Bahamas, after capital city Nagau. Freeport operates as a trade free zone, businesses don’t have to pay taxes before 2054. The city is located close to Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

Freeport had over half a million of tourists before two major hurricanes hit the island in 2004. The tourist industry in the city is mostly on the seaside suburb of Lucaya. Here you will find the only important market. Look out for small resellers, don’t buy from the many international shops as prices are very high here. Life on the Bahamas is more expensive than in America. Try to pay cash to avoid having to pay taxes. Most of the hotels in Freeport are located along the southern shore. Although life is expensive, you can stay for reasonable prices when booking before your travel. Restaurants, bars and shops are found in the Lucayas Beach Resort.

Freeport has some nice clean beaches to relax. There are many couples that spend their honeymoon here. Tourists can book water bikes or go diving. The city has three national parks, The Rand Nature Centre, the small isle Petersons Cay National Park and the Lucayan National Park. The last Park is 40 acres large and has five ecological zones, from the south shore to the pine yard. Beneath the Park there is an extensive underwater cave system which is one of the longest in the world. Two of the caves are accessible via a short footpath.

Travelers to Freeport need a valid passport and return ticket. American citizens don’t require a visa, only proof of sufficient funds. The easiest way to reach the city is by a cruise departing from Fort Lauderdale. The port and airport are not near the city, so reaching the city will cost extra.


Tropical and natural – this is Nassau, the capital of Bahamas. It is the largest city of the Bahamas and has a population of around 260 thousand inhabitants. The city is a prime commercial, cultural, and political hub although there is no local government. Nassau sits comfortably on Providence Island and is easily recognizable for its attractive harbor and exciting nightlife.

Nassau is a prime tourist destination for its sun, surf, food, and nightlife. Experience the best of the tropical world in this city that boasts an even mix of the nature of the tropics, international travel, and a distinct Victorian past which one can discover through its preserved mansions, cathedrals, and ruined forts all reminders of Nassau’s well-reserved history. For a better appreciation of the city, a citywide view can be provided by a short trip to the Coral Island, location of the hundred-foot tower. After a day of cultural sightseeing, relax and unwind at the many upscale hotels, or give the international casinos a try. Nassau is the shopper’s paradise set in the lush greenery of the tropics.

Getting around Nassau can be done by minibus, taxi, bike, car, or scooter. The scooter is the most popular ride in town, although tourists are advised not to go to sparsely populated areas and “over-the-hill,” an area south of downtown where crime is known to occur. Walking is also popular. From the beach, you can walk in your flip-flops and pay the Government House a visit before heading out to the Bay Street market.

The best time to visit Nassau is from May to September, when the summer is in full swing. US tourists do not need a visa to travel to Nassau. All that is needed is a valid passport, return tickets, and proof of sufficient funds for the entire trip.