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It is a truly blessed experience to be able to finally see Jerusalem. Israel’s seat of government does not just offer breathtaking views but also offer a feeling of immense spirituality. It is understandable that a city as old as Jerusalem, which goes back 4,000 years before Christ and whose name means “holy,” can create such a definitive impact in a visitor’s life. This is, after all, the birthplace of the three major faiths. Unfortunately, it has also experienced several conflicts that withstand millennia of hate. Still, the most populated city of Israel is home to 750 thousand people according to the latest measurement. This is despite the fact that millions of Jews have spread all over the world.

The people of Jerusalem should not be regarded in terms of religiosity alone. Generally highly spiritual, Israelis are also very artistic. Jerusalem’s museums can offer not only archeological marvels but can also showcase updated works of modern artists. There is also a high emphasis on knowledge, through book fairs. The city also offers theatrical performances, concerts and plays. A visit to Jerusalem can truly be overwhelming to the senses. Do not get too overwhelmed, however. Beware of religious fanatics and activists.

To reach Jerusalem, you must book a flight or a series of flights ending on Atarot Airport, located in the city itself. If you are in Tel Aviv, you can take a train to Jerusalem. Within the city, you can get around by bus or tram if you want to save money. However, taxis are also available if you want comfortable travel. You can also rent a car so that you can drive around to your heart’s content. You may also rent a bike though it is a little tougher to maneuver on Jerusalem’s hilly parts. While going around, be prepared for Jerusalem’s Mediterranean climate. This means hot summers and rainy winters. Though a Jerusalem summer can get really hot and dry, it is still cooler than that of Tel Aviv’s.

If you are American, you do not need a tourist visa to visit Israel. You do have to present a passport which is still valid for six months and your return ticket from Israel.


Riyadh is Saudi Arabia’s capital and largest city. Its name comes from the plural of “rawdha,” which is an Arabic word that means garden. This may sound strange at first because Riyadh arouses visions of dusty deserts instead of lush gardens but “rawdha” is more like a garden that sprouts after rain falls on a desert. This may prove to be prophetic in the sense that formerly viewed as a mere dusty capital city, Riyadh is now considered as one of the world’s fastest-growing cities. According to the latest measurement, the city has 4.7 million registered residents.

Modern Saudi Arabia is best seen in Riyadh. The modern buildings rise against the backdrop of deserts and camels. Even with sparkling sports cars driving by, people still do not forget to stop when it is time to pray. The star-quality establishments that have made Riyadh a truly modern city are not able to erase the conservative nature that The Kingdom is known for.

Fly into Riyadh through the King Khalid International Airport. There are three other international airports within the country but it is best that you arrive at Riyadh’s main airport. Within Riyadh, you can get around by bus, train or car. The city’s bus system does not only connect you to cities within Saudi Arabia but also to nearby countries. The weather in Riyadh is very hot. The temperature can burn up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit on average during the summer. Winter can provide you with much needed mild or cool weather conditions.

If you are visiting from the United States, you will need a passport valid for at least six months. You also need to bring documents such as your return ticket. You will generally only be allowed a visa to Saudi Arabia if you are only passing through, visiting relatives or are there for religious or business purposes. If you are visiting as a tourist, you have to be part of an approved tour group.


Ankara is the capital of Turkey and the country’s second largest city after Istanbul. Ankara and its eight districts have a total population of 4.5 million people. Ankara is strategically located for the crossroads of trade, highway and railway networks which serves as the marketing center. As well Ankara is the center of the Turkish Government and houses all foreign embassies.

Ankara is situated upon a steep and rocky hill which rises 150 m above the nearby situated Sakarya (Sangarius) river. The hill which overlooks the city is crowned by ruins of the old castles of many different civilizations which adds value to the already breath taking view, but due to the fast modern growth only a few of the many historic structures have survived till today’s date.

Today’s modern Ankara has diversity for tourists. Other than regular family shopping on markets, Ankara has 9 top attractions that must be seen by travelers including; Museum of Anatolian Civilizations (Anadolu Medeniyetleri Muzesi), Arslanhani Camii, Ataturk Mausoleum (Anit Kabir), Caracalla Baths, Citadel (Hisar), Temple of Augustus and of Rome (Ogust Mabedi), Beynam Ormani, Soguksu Milli Parki and the Genclik Park.

Travelers to Ankara need a valid passport and visa. American citizens are being issued 90 days visa upon arrival. The most used form of transportation for tourists is the Dolmus minibus taxi system; flag a taxi on the street to get on, fares depend on the distance covered. Another quick and cheap method is using the underground metro network (which has only two lines). The metro network operates from 6am till midnight. There are also regular metered taxis available, be aware the meter is working while driving.