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Birmingham is a city and metropolitan situated in the West Midlands county of England. It is situated in the heart of England, about halfway between London and Liverpool. Birmingham is one the most populous British cities aside of London with, as of latest measurement Birmingham has a population of 1 million people.

The city of Birmingham has mixed cultures, beliefs and lifestyles and is as of lately becoming a fashionable place to hold business conferences. Yet it still retains pride of it’s strong industrial side. The lively downtown and city center areas you can find several historic buildings such as the Town Hall and the Council house, but also of course good shopping areas, restaurant scenery and several theaters, bars and pubs. Cultural Birmingham is rich and filled with several good museums and art galleries for instance the Birmingham Museum and the Ikon Gallery.

Recently, Birmingham has become known for the “Spaghetti Junction” which is an infamously complex motorway system going through the city. Further more the entire city has been under renovation including the Victoria Square, City Hall and several new pedestrian areas where canals have been becoming an important feature in Birmingham’s industrial and urban reputation. To narrow it down, as most travelers would agree the city of Birmingham is a great starting place to explore the sightseeing’s in and around the Heart of England.

Travelers to Birmingham need a valid passport and visa. American citizens will receive a 180 days visa upon arrival after filling in a form. Unlike other countries within the European Union Birmingham does not have the Euro as its currency but the Pound. The best period to visit Birmingham is the summer months between July and August.