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Berne is only the fifth most populous city of Switzerland but it commands an attention all its own. The city is actually the country’s capital, partly because of its charm and partly because of a compromise. Switzerland’s French and German speakers agree in proclaiming Berne the country’s center because it seems fair enough to choose one where both languages are spoken. It also helps that the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has considered Berne a World Heritage site and that Albert Einstein formulated his theory of relativity right in the city. According to the latest measurement, the capital city is home to only 130 thousand people.

It is thrilling to visit a place that has scientific ties while staying in touch with its Old World charms. Berne may be linked to UNESCO and Einstein but it retains a medieval flavor in some areas. That is a curious blend that tourists will not be able to resist. Berne is rich in festivals, as well. You can experience more of Berne by timing your visit to one of these festivals.

You can visit Berne by flying to the Berne-Belp Airport. However, if you are not coming from London, Dugan or other cities with direct flights to Berne, you will have to book interconnecting flights to finally reach Berne. While in Berne, you can get around by bus or train. You may also use a car or a motorcycle so that you can drive yourself around. The temperature in Berne is cool all year round. Its July temperature only reaches up to 63 degrees Fahrenheit. Wintry temperature can dip as low as 29 degrees Fahrenheit.

Visiting Berne from the United States? Then, you will no longer need a visa to enter Switzerland. Bring along your US passport, of course, and you get up to 90 days stay in Berne. Also make sure that you have all your travel documents and necessary visas because you may have to pass through other cities, such as London.