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Niš (Ниш) is a city in the Nišava District, Serbia situated on the banks of the Nišava River. The city of Nis also has its own international airport named Niš Constantine the Great Airport (Аеродром Константин Велики) with as destination code INI. With a little over 300 thousand people as population it’s the third largest city in southern Serbia after Beograd and Novi Sad.

Unfortunately Nis suffers from a variety of accommodations, there’s a short supply. The major hotels are “Ambassador” and “Motel Nais”, in all honesty, generally seen the private and small hotels are in much better shape. A couple of recommended hostels by travelers include Hostel Evropa, Marvel, Hotel Nis and Sweet-Hostel Nis. If you inquire any issues finding a room in Nis, step in one of the many tourist agencies which have local contacts.

As the city was heavily damaged in the second world war only a few pre-war architecture remain. There’s a few interesting sightseeing’s like the ancient monument from the Turkish-Serbian war called The Scull Tower. Another few interesting attraction includes Turkish Fortress in the city center, and an archeological site “Mediana” which features a summer residence of the Romane Emperor Constantine the Great. A small archeological museum “Narodni Muzej” can be found in city center.

The city of Nis has a lot of domestic travelers common referred to as “health tourists”, an popular destination includes the Niska Banja Spa. Besides health freaks, the city is suitable for all sorts of people, whether you enjoy a lively nightlife with a large numbers cafeteria packed in the afternoon and evenings, or like fine dining at local restaurants serving original Serbian cuisine, Greek or Turkish meals and desserts.

Getting round in the city isn’t of any problem, taxi’s and public transport is widely available. When travel abroad to other major European cities tickets can be purchased at the main bus station. As earlier mentioned the city Nis has a international airport which has daily flights to Zurich and Paris. Currently the airport is only served by two airlines, Montenegro Airlines and JAT Airways.

American and European citizens aren’t required a Visa to enter Nis when the duration of your stay does not exceed 90 days. A valid passport is that’s valid for at least 6 months needs to be shown upon arrival at the international airport. Tourists are required by law to register with the Serbian police within 24 hours after entering the Serbian border.