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Čačak (Чачак) is a city situated 86 miles south of capital city Beograd in Serbia. The city of Cacak is the administrative as well main industrial, cultural and sport center of the Moravica District. As of latest count the city has an population of 170 thousand people.

When taking a walk in downtown Cacak there’s many narrow streets going left and right connected together, the city map looks like a labyrinth. As Cacak tries to improve their tourist hospitality and attractions they have opened countless breathtaking summer gardens just around the corners of cultural and historical Serbian cuisine restaurants, where even the restaurants designs seems to come from the nineteenth century. As both the summer gardens and a visit to one of the many restaurants need to be checked on your check list be sure to visit the great number of stores, shopping malls and hypermarkets, which makes Cacak the leading shopping center in Serbia, after Belgrade. When getting hungry during endless shopping, make sure to try the Serbian fast food snack “pljeskavica” which is a giant beef burger served at minimum size of 150 grams.

What attracts most tourist to the city of Cacak is the geographic location on the river bank, it’s diversity, traditions, historical monuments, cultural establishments, entertainment and sporting manifestations. For tourists its rather easy to get in touch with the locals, meet them and learn about their history and tradition as the local Serbians are very friendly and welcoming people, Cacak is a place to forge new friendships and enjoy nature at the same time.

American and European citizens aren’t required a Visa to enter Serbia or Cacak if your visit does not exceed 90 days. A valid passport is that’s valid for at least 6 months needs to be shown upon arrival at the international airport. Tourists are required by law to register with the Serbian police within 24 hours after entering the Serbian border.