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Walcheren is a peninsula in the province of Zeeland in the Netherlands, enclosed by the Nord Sea, the Westerschelde and the Veerse Meer. The coastline consists of dunes and made up dykes. Walcheren counts 113.000 residents, on a area of 216 square kilometers, it’s the densely populated area of Zeeland. In 1953 Zeeland was caught by a flood disaster, but Walcheren had almost no damage. To prevent such a catastrophe, the Netherlands started in 1958 the Delta works.

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Aveiro is a city in the Aveiro Municipality in Portugal, covering a total land area of 125 square miles. It’s the 2nd most populous city in the Centro Region of Portugal after Coimbra. However, Aveiro together with Ílhavo make one conurbation which has a overruling population of 120 thousand citizens. As of latest measurement the city has a population of 80 thousand people.

Locally it’s known as a perfect for anyone wanting to escape the big city life, Aveiro an rather small city situated about an hour away from Porto. The city has much to offer from tasty traditional cuisine to untouched beaches within 10 minutes from anywhere in the city. During the day you stroll around in the local shopping areas or enjoy your time and one of the many fine restaurants. After lunch, dinner or whenever enjoy a stroll around Barra beach or head in town to dance the night away. Along the banks of the river there’s several dance clubs/bars to choose from. After midnight, or around 2 am head over to Estacao da Luz located just a few miles outside city center which is open till sunrise.

When spending a few days in this tremendous city will make you forget completely about the city life, especially after seeing some of it’s great tourist sightseeing including; Aveiro Cathedral, Convento de Jesús, Aveiro Museum, Igreja de la Misericordia, Cámara Municipal, Capitania, Santo Antonio Park, Dom Pedro Children’s Park, Sao Gonçalinho Chapel, Museum of the Republic, Carmelite Church, the local Fish Market and Fisherman’s Wharf (Bairro de Pescadores) at seaside. For a complete day without worries head on to Costa Nova or Barra Beach.

Travelers to Portugal need a valid passport and visa. American citizens are being issued a 90 days visa upon arrival. The city of Aveiro is safe and tourist friendly, the best period to travel to Aveiro is in the summer months as well peak season between July and August.


Braşov is a city in the country of Romania, as well the capital of Braşov County. Brasov is the 8th largest Romanian city which is being surrounded by the Southern Carpathians, and is part of the Transylvania region. The city is internationally known for being host of the Golden Stag International Music Festival. As of latest measurement the city Braşov has a population of 280 thousand people.

Brasov back in the days known as “Corona” is a important cultural center as well a charming city situated in the center of Romania. The geographic position and natural beauty of Brasov generate a variety of scenery including historical aspects, countless architecture monuments which stands in direct contrast with it’s busy industrial, tourist, shopping and nightlife areas. All together it makes Brasov one of the leading urban centers of Romania.

In around the city there’s countless sightseeing’s worth visiting including the Rasnov town and fortress, Poiana Braşov, Bran Castle, Rupea fortress, the villages Prejmer and Viscri which are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list and also the Hoghiz with several historical buildings. The earlier mentioned Poiana Braşov is a ski area of which Brasov is the access hub. You can easily access the ski area by taxi, bus or train from Bucharest. There’s no better value for those who enjoy Skiing, the antique lift system surely adds to the romantic charm of the experience.

No visas are required of American tourists, as long as a valid passport is present. American tourists are allowed a short stay of a maximum of 90 days or three months, and visitors must hold all other documentation for further travel, return tickets, proof of hotel accommodations and a documentation of the intended period of stay.


Irkutsk (Ирку́тск) is one of the largest cities in Siberia and the administrative center of Irkutsk Oblast, Russia. The city is situated about 3220 miles from Moscow, Russia’s capital city. As of latest measurement the city Irkutsk has a population of 610 thousand people.

The city of Irkutsk is situated about 37 miles from the world famous Lake Baikal, and lies along the banks of the Angara river at the confluence with the Irkut river, therefore it’s surrounding nature is beautiful and always in continues growth. How beautiful you might think? Just consider it reviewing the many nicknames this city has gathered including the capital of Siberia, the pearl of Siberia, and even Paris of Siberia. Further more is the city lighthearted and sunny with historical 18th century buildings and delicately sculptured wooden houses, as well brick mansions which were built about centuries ago in combination with as locally known “lace” sculpture giving them touch of Italian Renaissance.

The city is filled with history and culture, which mainly can be seen in the many museums throughout the city including; The City History Museum, The Geology Museum, The Irkutsk Regional Museum, Sukachev Art Museum and the The Sukachev Estate. As unique extra, there’s a small tucked away residential area named Nerpinary which is home to two Baikal Seals. For a tiny price, you see the seals perform a presentation and paint a picture, which later on you can purchase. Local citizens and experienced travelers agree upon the fact that Irkutsk, in many ways is the heart of Siberia. As many citizens say it beautiful “To miss seeing Irkutsk is to miss Siberia.”

Russian tourist visas are issued to tourists looking to visit Irkutsk for a duration of 14-30 days. The total validity for a trip to Irkutsk or any part of Russia cannot extend longer than 30 days. Americans can obtain their tourist visas from the travel agency which can also provide them with other supporting documents such as tourist acceptance confirmation and the tourist voucher, both containing the signature of the hosting travel agency.


Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia, after it’s capital Ljubljana. The city is situated on the banks of the Drava river, on the meeting point with the Drava Valley, Drava Plain and the Pohorje mountain. As of latest measurement the city of Maribor has a population of 140 thousand people.

Maribor is an easy reach for travelers as it’s accessible by car, train, plane, bus and bike from most international and domestic destinations. Once you arrived in downtown Maribor it’s advisable to proceed on foot as it’s quite a small town, there are also two tourist information centers, they are located at Partizanska ulica 6a, just next to the Franciscan Church and the Old Vine House on Lent (oldest part of Maribor nearby Vojašniška ulica 8). They are opened everyday providing help in accommodation and free maps of the town. Maps of central Maribor can also be found in the town streets on the walls of houses.

The city of Maribor has a rich history and culture with many sightseeing’s including the Water tower (also known as vodni stolp), also the Mariborski grad (Maribor’s castle), Stara trta (Old Vine), Stolnica (Cathedral), Kulturni center Sinagoga (Cultural centre Synagogue) and Vinagova vinska klet (Vinag Wine Cellar) are popular among under the tourists as well local citizens. It’s advised for tourists to buy a quality bottle of wine brewed in the Maribor wine fields as it’s worldwide known as one of the best. Especially the white wine, which also can be purchased in local supermarkets.

All nationalities are required to bring a valid passport to enter Slovenia, except European Union citizens with valid national ID cards. If you are from the United States, you need to present the passport but do not need to show your return ticket or to get a visa if you are staying for up to three months only.

Oude Haven

The city of Rotterdam has several nightlife areas including Witte de Withstraat, Wilhelminakade, Oude Haven and Stadhuisplein. The Oude Haven meaning “Old Harbor” area is also part of the Rottedam nightlife located nearby the Blaak metro station, Maas boulevard and Willemsbrug. The Oude Haven has a long lasting history, the first cafe was established over 25 years ago. It grew in popularity when restaurants, cafe’s and lounge bars were added to the scene. The busiest night being Friday and Saturday night.

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Cafe Rotterdam

Cafe Rotterdam is a trendy nightlife spot in Rotterdam city, Netherlands in the Cruise Terminal situated at the banks of the Nieuwe Maas river, Wilhelminakade with unique views on the Erasmusbrug. Since January 2010 it’s available for exclusive parties and weekly festivals.

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The Erasmusbrug, or in English “Erasmus Bridge” is a cable stayed bridge across the Nieuwe Maas river, or in English “New Meuse” river linking the northern and southern halves of Rotterdam city, Netherlands. It was designed by Ben van Berkel, completed and officially opened by Queen Beatrix on September 6, 1996 with a total length of 0.5 miles and height of 456 feet the Erasmusbrug has earned the nickname De Zwaan or in English “The Swan”.

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Cafe de Witte Aap

Cafe de Witte Aap is situated in Rotterdam city, the Netherlands in the Witte de Withstraat 78 on a corner location nearby several coffee shops, restaurants and other nightlife lounges and cafes. Though it’s a bit small de Witte Aap does a good job keeping balance between bar and drinking area. Dancing isn’t one of the possibilities, especially on Friday or Saturday nights. To enlarge the drinking/standing/dancing area, the crew starts removing chairs around 8:30 PM.

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Chernivtsi (Чернівці) is the administrative center of the western province Chernivtsi Oblast in Ukraine. It’s located on the banks of the River Prut, in the north of the historic region of Bukovina, which is currently split between Romania and Ukraine. As of latest measurement the city has a population of 260 thousand people.

The city of Chernivtsi can be reached by plane from domestic as well international destinations such as Kiev, Athens, Instanbul and Naples, or train from Romania. Within Ukraine itself it can be reached easily by car. Once arrived you can start exploring Chernivtsi easily on foot, especially since the sightseeing’s are all located in and around downtown and city center. The old town is mainly Baroque style which brings a excotic ambiance when walking around.

Most of the Chernivtsi sightseeing, as earlier mentioned are located here. Such as its main square and town hall, the museum of arts and the Shevchenko monument. Several others include the German House, Theatre Square, Old Synagogue (nowadays a cinema), New Syngague, Old Court of Justice, Roman Cathedral, Railway Station and the Armenian Church which nowadays serves as a concert hall.

Exhausted from a long day of sightseeing? Videnska Kava (Вiденська кава) is an excellent coffee house with an impressive selection and variety of teas, coffees and local foods. When you’ve enjoyed exploring the city, there’s a nearby sightseeing named Kamenets Podilskiy, which was Ukraine’s old capital city, it still holds an preserved castle and is just an hour away from Chernivtsi. Recommended for a day trip.

A Visa Free Regime is now applicable to US citizens for a period of 90 days, with a valid passport from a country with an embassy in Ukraine. Other necessary papers include travel documents confirming that the purpose of the trip is tourism, as well as proof of accommodations and the itinerary of the trip.