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Delta Park Neeltje Jans

Delta Park Neeltje Jans is an fantastic water theme park in the province Zeeland, Netherlands. In 1953 drives a northwesterly storm the water of the North Sea till 4.20 above N.A.P, the dikes in South West Netherlands break and 200.000 hectare land become overwhelmed with swirling salt seawater. It was a major disaster for the citizens which is still remembered every year, for this reason the Dutch government decided to build the Delta works.

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Walcheren is a peninsula in the province of Zeeland in the Netherlands, enclosed by the Nord Sea, the Westerschelde and the Veerse Meer. The coastline consists of dunes and made up dykes. Walcheren counts 113.000 residents, on a area of 216 square kilometers, it’s the densely populated area of Zeeland. In 1953 Zeeland was caught by a flood disaster, but Walcheren had almost no damage. To prevent such a catastrophe, the Netherlands started in 1958 the Delta works.

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Oude Haven

The city of Rotterdam has several nightlife areas including Witte de Withstraat, Wilhelminakade, Oude Haven and Stadhuisplein. The Oude Haven meaning “Old Harbor” area is also part of the Rottedam nightlife located nearby the Blaak metro station, Maas boulevard and Willemsbrug. The Oude Haven has a long lasting history, the first cafe was established over 25 years ago. It grew in popularity when restaurants, cafe’s and lounge bars were added to the scene. The busiest night being Friday and Saturday night.

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Cafe Rotterdam

Cafe Rotterdam is a trendy nightlife spot in Rotterdam city, Netherlands in the Cruise Terminal situated at the banks of the Nieuwe Maas river, Wilhelminakade with unique views on the Erasmusbrug. Since January 2010 it’s available for exclusive parties and weekly festivals.

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The Erasmusbrug, or in English “Erasmus Bridge” is a cable stayed bridge across the Nieuwe Maas river, or in English “New Meuse” river linking the northern and southern halves of Rotterdam city, Netherlands. It was designed by Ben van Berkel, completed and officially opened by Queen Beatrix on September 6, 1996 with a total length of 0.5 miles and height of 456 feet the Erasmusbrug has earned the nickname De Zwaan or in English “The Swan”.

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Cafe de Witte Aap

Cafe de Witte Aap is situated in Rotterdam city, the Netherlands in the Witte de Withstraat 78 on a corner location nearby several coffee shops, restaurants and other nightlife lounges and cafes. Though it’s a bit small de Witte Aap does a good job keeping balance between bar and drinking area. Dancing isn’t one of the possibilities, especially on Friday or Saturday nights. To enlarge the drinking/standing/dancing area, the crew starts removing chairs around 8:30 PM.

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De Wallen

De Wallen is the largest yet best known red light district area in Amsterdam, and the world. It’s a major tourist attraction that’s located in the heart of oldest parts of Amsterdam city. The area covers multiple blocks around the Oude Kerk and crosses several canals. De Wallen, together with the prostitution areas Singelgebied and Ruysdaelkade is locally known as “Rosse Buurt” and worldwide known as “Red Light District”.

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Maastricht is a city and municipality in the province of South Limburg. The city is situated on both banks of the Maas river in the south-east of the Netherlands, near the borders of Belgium and Germany. As of latest measurement the city of Maastricht has a population of 120 thousand people.

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In Rotterdam south, in the municipality Charlois lies a spacious park named Zuiderpark. The park is located directly in between the two municipalities of Carnissewijk and Zuidwijk/Pendrecht. It was built in the year of 1952 and meant as a place for enjoyment and relaxation for city locals. Since the year 2006 the park has gone through restructuring, which has improved the park a lot.

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In the province of South Holland located about 15 miles of Rotterdam lies the city of Gouda. It’s the 48th largest city of the Netherlands, and 13th largest of the province South Holland with a total population of 72 thousand people as of latest measurements. Within its region its often referred to as the “Groene Hart” which in Dutch means “Green Heart”.

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