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Riga is not quite what you expect from the Baltic. The Latvian capital is the biggest city in the region. It also corresponds to its metropolitan vibe with an energetic night life. Despite the big city vibe, Riga remains in touch with its townie heritage. You will find evidences of Old World Baltic charm in its large parks and fairy tale look. Located right at the Baltic Sea Coast, the city of Riga is home to approximately 700 thousand people.

Riga is still an attractive city. The streets still offer fairy-tale like architecture. However, the world financial crisis has taken a grip on the otherwise vibrant Baltic city. Because of this, the establishments are near empty. You may find the ghost-like emptiness a sign of bad service but it is not necessarily about that. Riga used to have a thriving restaurant industry but the crisis has now made it quite the opposite. Still, you will be pleased to know that there are high-class restaurants that are serving food at very cheap prices.

You can enter the city through Riga Airport. It has connections with most major European airlines so you may fly to the city via a European stop-over. When inside the city, you can go around by bus or by tram. If you want to get around more comfortably, you may have to pay more by hailing a taxi. You can already start traveling by taxi from the airport to the city center. Another fun way of getting around the city is by bicycle. Take care that you do not this in subzero temperature, however. You may able to do so during its mild summers, with temperatures averaging in the mid-twenties Celsius.

If you are from the United States, you will be pleased to know that you do not need a visa to enter Latvia. You do not even need to present a return ticket. You do need to bring along your passport which should be at least valid for three months.