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Tasiilaq, also known as Ammassalikk is situated on the east coast of Greenland and south of the Arctic Circle. The village is located in a fjord which is used to protect citizens from open sea, it also has a harbor surrounded by high mountains. As of latest measurement the village Tasiilaq has a population of only 2500 people.

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The town of Nuuk, commonly referred to Godthab, is the largest and most developed town in Greenland. The term “Godthåb” is German for ”good hope” and the town serves as the capital of Greenland. With a population of just over 15 thousand according to the latest measurement. Godthab is one of the least populous capitals in the world. The town is situated along the southwestern coast of Greenland.

What makes Godthab interesting is the mix of the modern and the traditional. Nuuk is the oldest village in the country and has grown into a well-developed center for business, commerce, and tourism. Here, old architecture blends with the new and Greenland’s unique geography provides a beautiful backdrop for the town. Some of the interesting activities that tourists can enjoy in Godthab include cruises along the famed Nuuk Fjord, whale watching, safari trips, hiking, and hiking sledding. The National Museum of Greenland is also located in Nuuk, giving visitors a chance to get to know the Norse – Inuit culture. Tourists may even want to join some of the locals in one of their major past times: drinking.

It is important for tourists to know that once you get to Greenland, there are no roads that connect the towns. To get from one town to another, tourists will have to travel by sea or air. Traveling around Nuuk can be done by land travel, which normally consists of car, snowmobile or sled travel. Tourists who want to avoid the below-freezing climates of the wintertime should travel to Nuuk during the Summer, typically from June to September with July and August being the warmest months year round.

To travel to Godthab or any other destination in Greenland, tourists will have to follow the entry requirements of Denmark. Basically, this means that US citizens traveling to Nuuk do not have to have a visa if they only plan on staying for up to three months. Only a passport is necessary.