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Gibraltar City

Usually, when you hear of the word “Gibraltar”, you think of the rock of Gibraltar: a symbol of strength and power. The British colony of Gibraltar, however, is more than a monolithic rock but is a territory full of surprising curiosities. What else should you expect from a territory that blends several cultures into one mix? British in ownership but the feel is a gloriously Spanish, North African and Genoese, that is Gibraltar. The capital is also named Gibraltar. According to the latest measurement, Gibraltar has a population of 28 thousand 77% of this population can speak both English and Spanish.

A cultural melting pot, Gibraltar is a very interesting place to explore. Because of this eclectic mix, Gibraltar can offer fabulous array of international dishes. Even the music has variants that can only be owed to Gibraltar’s rich history. Songs are either original or covers of popular Western songs. Some of the bands that play here are from neighboring Spain. Still, the English flag reigns supreme in Gibraltar.

For easy access to Gibraltar, you should take a flight from London and other major English cities. You can choose either GB Airways or Monarch Airlines. If you are not in a rush, you can take a boat from Tarifa, Spain instead. When in Gibraltar, you can actually move around purely on foot. Another great way of traveling, while sight-seeing, is by traveling on a cable car. Either walking or riding a cable car should be done during fine weather. With Gibraltar’s warm summers and mild winters, you will not have much of a problem. If ever you prefer a ride, you can also ride a bus.

A few chosen countries, including the United States and European Union countries, have been given the privilege of its citizens being allowed to Gibraltar even without a visa. Passports, however, are required from any visitor. If you are American, you can stay in Gibraltar without a visa for up to three months.