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Prague, otherwise known as Golden Prague, the City of Many Spires and the Golden City, is one of the most visited cities in Europe. It is not a surprise that this city of many names can capture the hearts of tourists. The city is complete with wonders for both the old and the young; it is armed with natural charms, breath-taking art and architecture and modern offerings in the likes of bars, malls and festivals. You will not feel as if you are in just any country because the city is rife with cultural magic all its own. This UNESCO World Heritage site is home to over a million people according to the latest measurement.

If you want to truly experience Prague at its deepest, do not be afraid to explore both its sunshiny, tourist-pleasing side and its darker, mystery-laden side. While it is fun to spend the time shopping or sipping coffee while watching other tourists walk the cobbled steps, you may decide to explore the remnants of communism in Prague’s alleyways. Then, you can revive your optimism by participating in music festivals and the opera. Be wary of taxi drivers; they will most likely cheat you on fares if you do not speak the local language. Take note of your taxi’s license number and your driver’s name, if possible. This is so you can report a suspected overcharging later.

Czech Republic’s biggest airport is located in Prague: the Ruzyne International Airport. It is actually the busiest in all of Central and Eastern Airport. Upon arriving there, you can get around the city by taxi, bus or train. Make sure you choose a regulated taxi or else you can end up in a mob-operated taxi, with a driver that will definitely overcharge you. If you want to visit Prague at its most pleasant weather, visit in May or September. Why? Summers can be rainy and warm at the same time, while winters can be cold and snowy.

If you are from the United States, you will not be required to have a visa to enter the Czech Republic, that is, if you are staying for 90 days or less. Still, if you are planning to exceed a 30 day stay, you have to register with the Alien and Border police. Make sure that you have your travel documents, including return tickets, hotel reservations and invitations coming from the country.