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Travnik is a small city in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located at the edge of the Vlasic mountains into a narrow wooded valley of the Lašva River. The city has a population of approximately 27 thousand people.  The city was the birth play of Nobel literature prize winning author Ivo Andric, who wrote about his city in The Travnik Chronicles.

Travnik is a picturesque city that has suffered from the war. This is still visible in the center, as well as signs of other historic times. The city was part of different occupations. Since 1995 Travnik is part of the Federal Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the administrative center of central Bosnia. The old town of the city dates back to the early 15th century. There are structures dating to the Ottoman era that are in near perfect conditions. Take a look at numerous mosques, oriental homes, fountains and two clock towers.

Walking from one part of Travnik to another will take only 30 minutes. Walking is the best way to see all the historic sights. Highlights include the source Plava Voda, the oldest part Stari Grad, the traditional architecture of Osoje and The Ivo Andric House. You can also walk up to the old fortress of Travnik which has very impressive traditional homes. Adventurous people can enjoy hiking mountain sports on the Mountain Vlasic, 6560 feet.

Travelers to Travnik need a passport that is valid for longer than their stay and a return ticket. American citizens don’t require a visa. Travnik can be visited all year round. It has a continental climate with temperatures from 33 Fahrenheit in winter up to 64.8 Fahrenheit in summer. It snows every year.